Monday, November 9, 2009

The Guest

Ok, so I promised a guest blogger today and without further ado...

My son Jeffrey!


well I could go on forever about the non blogged stuff but I SHOULD talk about what my mom wants me to talk about but NAH! It's more fun to talk about what's not on here! It seemed like only yesterday my oh wait ok you can stop waiting it was yesterday the Muzzah (my mom) broke my ladder in the process of fixing something else. my light cover thingymabobber fell off and so my mom,I and the whole circus except dad (luckily) went to home depot to get a new light. I picked out this one with three mini search-lights. it was so cool until I got home. We (referring to my mom and I) climbed up the ladder safely put it in. And as usual mom kept on cussing as she worked you know sometimes I wish she could be more like handy manny. You know goes out to the tool box get her walking talking singing tools and go up there and sing songs just like on the show but anyways the muzzah came down safely as I waited for the light bulbs I got bored so I went down to the living room to watch the boob tube (you young people thats a TV) she came back up and gave me the light bulbs. I put them in but one I twisted wrong so she came back up and fixed and then she almost partied wooooooo! I finally took something off dad's list she climbed down she was on the last step CRACK! OMG! she broke my ladder so lesson learned no ladders for the large. Hey if it could'nt hold my mom how did it hold my friend morgan you know she went to a LAKE she went in the whales jumped up and said we are family and there aren't even whales in a lake! Well living with mom is fun she has alot to do in the white farmhouse down the road!



Tracey said...

Hysterical! Jeffrey did a GREAT job!! Oh, and I think household projects make even the best of us "cuss" a little :)

:) T

Lori said...

How cute it this!! Great guest post Jeffrey!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Jeffrey, I hate to tell you- you sound just like your Muzzah! YOu are as hysterical as she is. And Maggie, thank you so much for writing the glasses story. I read it to my husbald over dinner tonight, and he asked me if I wrote it (he flatters me- I can't write like that!). I am telling you- we are living in parallel universes, only a couple of decades apart!
Thank you for the tip about rice flour- I will want to try that.
And yes, they are sea scallops, thanks for asking- I added that to my post.
Lets talk soon!

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey, what a wonderful writer you are. That was a GREAT STORY!!!

Now go give your mom a big hug because not all moms would be clever enough or willing to let their children write on their blogs. Blogs are kind of sacred, you know?

I really enjoyed your story and hope to see you on here more as a guest. (Actually, don't hug your mom now. I'm sure both of you are sleeping. First thing in the morning though, huh?)

Well, thanks for the great post!

Jacqueline said...

Jeffrey.... I think it's time that you started your own blog. You're really good at it, although, I expect school takes up a lot of your time....and T.V......and eating.... and girls (or is that still 'icky' !!!)
You actually do sound very much like your Mum (I expect that IS an 'icky' thought !!)
I, for one, loved your guest blogging and look forward to your next guest appearance. Have a great day, Jeffrey. XXXX

Dragonfly Treasure said...

OMG! Great post Jeffrey! I bet you have the best memories. Hope to see you guest posting in the future. Have a great day!