Friday, April 3, 2009


Meet my BFF Prudence. I love Prudence. Sometimes I refer to her as Prude cause she is very persnickety about what she will do for me. I almost killed her sewing the leather cases that I make. A little vacation and the threat of replacing her and she is back to work.

These are the old drapes that I had hanging in my bedroom. Prudence was with me all the way when I made these. She is such a good girl! Did a fabulous job too. Way to go Prudence!

These are the new drapes that we reconditioned for my bedroom. They are white cotton ones. They used to be tab top but as I cannot leave anything alone, I removed the tabs. Sounds like a simple thing right? Well..... first I had the mishap with washing THE EXACT SAME CURTAINS. So I had to go buy more. Grumbled all the way too. The sane person might have just hacked off the tabs, which I thought of doing. But noooo........ I had to remove them which meant pretty much resewing the whole top. Not a biggy cause they were 6" too long for my short room. You can also tell how long it took me to do one window. I started it when it was light and finished the window when it was dark! The trials and tribulations of being a Connell.


Tara said...

Oh I really need to learn to sounds like you didn't get the rust stains out of the drapes, darn it! why are projects never easy?

The White Farmhouse said...

Knowing how to sew comes in soooo handy. Pretty easy too. I am thinking that the drapes need a valance. I am planning on going back and getting another set of these and making valances and a bedskirt so they will be the same type of fabric. I think that I am going to copy the Pottery Barn bedskirt that I like and make the valances the same.

It seems like none of my projects are NEVER easy!