Friday, April 17, 2009

The Little Sister

When we were growing up I didn't think I was lucky to have a little sister. She was just there. She was someone to play with when no one else was around, someone to get in trouble with, someone to blame when I was in trouble. I never really thought much about having a sister. My mom used to make us matching outfits like we were twins and tell us how cute we looked.

When we got older, she had her friends and I had mine. It seemed we were more inclined to not get along than get along. I remember one certain event that started with cake being thrown in the house and then something about a hose being brought in...... I think she started that one cause I was always the good one! Well, maybe not always. Even though we were only 2 years apart, the gap was too great to bridge when I was 16 and she was a babyish 14.
Then I joined the army, moved away from home. I got on with my life and she did with hers. It wasn't until we had grown so far apart that I realized I missed her. I needed my little sister. Now we are older and wiser and very close. I can tell her anything and do quite frequently. I drive her crazy pointing out all the things that drive me bonkers. She has a hard time keeping a straight face when she has to be around someone I have a "pet" name for. Now that I am older and wiser I am glad I had a baby sister. I am also sad that it took me this long to finally appreciate her. I am also proud of her that she is raising her son alone AND going to school AND dealing with the old man on a daily basis. That last one is in itself a full time + job! That is why I am soooo excited about this weekend. Just me and her. We are going to drive to who knows where and SHOP! Eat whatever we want, not have to take care of kids, sleep til we want. My husband thinks I am crazy. Maybe I am and that is why I am looking forward to this little break from reality.


Anonymous said...

Cherish her!! have a wonderful time~ I envy others who get a long with their sibblings~!

The White Farmhouse said...

Thank you I will! I am sooo looking forward to getting away. Seems like the time is just draaaaaaging.

Give it time getting along with siblings. It took us awhile. It wasn't til we were older that we did. I hope that one day it happens for everyone.