Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rainforest Cafe

Not much has happened here last week. It seems that this stomach bug that is going around is nasty. You are sick with it for 1-3 days, better for a day or two and then another round of it.

We were on round 2.

So I thought that since I have done nothing except for cleaning, having the hubby home from a week in Chicago and then him getting the "bug", I would post pics from the Rainforest Cafe.

The Rainforest Cafe is in the Great Lakes Crossing Mall and is just gorgeous. The preschool class is studying about the rainforest and some of the animals that live in it.

The outside of the restaurant has a rocky front with vines and plants. It really is a beautiful place to visit.

There is a waterfall with a pond near the entrance to the gift shop. In it is a mechanical alligator that scared the crap out of the bitty one. Do you know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? One's teeth point inward and the other's outward. Don't ask me which one though, I wasn't l able to hear that well over the screams of "Don't let it get me Mommy!"

Yes, they do have a gift shop that you have to pass through before and after just incase you haven't spent enough money on lunch. Lots of little goodies that they just NEED!

This is one of the many aquariums throughout the restaurant. You pass through here to the dining room. I had to carry the bitty one through since she was sure that even though it has been here for 10 years with no incident, as soon as she would go through the acrylic would break and the fishies all fall on her.

Did I mention that we did have fun? The center of the restaurant has a sky scene that is what you would see in the rainforest.

The entire ceiling is covered with ivy and plants except for this patch of sky. The stars really twinkle too. There is a huge fountain/waterfall at one end with this statue in the collection pool.

All around the restaurant are animal displays that move and make noises every 10 minutes. The manager gave the class a tour of the restaurant and told the kids different facts about them. Do you know the difference between an african and indian elephant? I know this one! The african has ears shaped like Africa and the indian has ears shaped like Mickey Mouse. They also should be capitalized, I am just too lazy to go back and correct it.

These are the gorillas that we sat by that every time they went off Syrina and her friend Jeracko would freak out over.

Another one of the aquariums in the dining room. They really did a great job on the decorating in here.

How cool are these stools in the bar area? They even have tails! How cool would I be to have a few cocktails and fall off a zebra's a%& ?! I could always use the tail as a seatbelt or as a safety rope to pull myself back up.

Anyways, that is for another day! Here is our table of cutie patooties!

From left to right: Hayden, Tyler, Syrina and Jeracko

My friend Corey, Hayden and Jeracko's mom, have decided that we need to go back sans kids. Great Lakes Crossing is a HUGE outlet mall. Lots of shopping! Lots of eating with 4 food courts! Then of course there is the cafe with the cutesy stools....

So there ya go! A tour of the Rainforest Cafe. If you are ever in Auburn Hills, MI stop in the Cafe and pull up an a@%, you'll love the place! I do recommend the Tomato Basil Soup! Yum!


Jacqueline said...

We eat at one whenever we run across one - usually in places a lot more fun than I live. I love them and they kids do too. That makes me so hungry!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Oh Maggie, I have been spending way too much tme on your beautifully updated blog catching up.
I LOVE the pretty whites in the bedroom. Gorgeous!!!!
And happy birthday to your 15, 15,15 (yikes!) year old! She is just so adorable!!!!
Next time you go to the Rainforest Cafe I'm going along! What a fun place!
Miss you lots, Give me a call soon!
xo Yvonne

ButterYum said...

Oh Maggie - salt, pepper, and bacon grease.... LOL!!!!!! So true, only my mother's never used the bacon grease. She just collected it in a coffee can and it sat under the kitchen sink for years (thank goodness she didn't use it!!).

PS - hope you're all well soon. We had a rain forest cafe in MN, but we locals were never crazy enough to stand in line for an hour to get in with starving kids in tow.

Lori said...

What a fantastic place Maggie ~ I know there is one at Niagara Falls ~ we did not go in but took a peek. Thanks for the tour!

Doris said...

Thanks for the peek into a Rain Forest Cafe! Sounds like a wonderful mall where this is located.

We have not been hit with the 'bug'....hope we don't!

Anonymous said...


The Rain Forest Cafe is always on our to do list when we go to Disney. Love watching all the little ones take it all in. There is a restaurant in Manhattan, Mars 2112, that makes you feel like you are on the set of Star Wars. You go more for the experience, not the food. (Go to Little Italy for the food!) http://www.mars2112.com/

I will be back to get caught up on all I've missed and will be posting regularly now.

Your Friend,

Designs on 47th Street said...

It's been years since I've been to Rain Forest Cafe. Your pictures bring back memories. Sorry your family has the icky type flu!

thanks for your sweet comments on my blog today. I appreciated them!


Kathleen said...

How cute they are!
We used to have a RF Cafe here on Long Island but it closed down before I got to experience it!
Hope you are feeling better!

from my front porch... said...

That place is incredible! Is this a chain? I would love for J and I to go!
I bet all the kids had a fantastic time :) I would...
xo, misha

white flower farmhouse said...

What a fun trip! Those preschoolers must have flipped!

Theresa said...

Hi Maggie! It has been many years since we went to one and I remember thinking that the kids would love it and it ended up scaring the littlest one so bad I had to walk out with him! That was Cam, he is now 19! I think the Crossroads might have the only one around, I haven't been there in about 6 years, we went one year looking for a prom dress. WHAT??? How did I get suckered into driving that far to pay too much for a prom dress? I have gotten smarter in my old age, poor Hannah, I now know I can pay too much for one closer to home!
I hope everyone is feeling better, not a good way to spend spring break. xoxo