Monday, April 11, 2011

Feeling Like Spring!

So, when your kids have been sick for a week, what would you do with them? I know this definitely will seal my nomination for Mother of the Year. I sent them outside in their bathing suits armed with water guns and a hose!

Yesterday it was 80 and sunny and seemed like spring was here. I guess I got a bit of the warm weather bug!

I do have a little bathing suit tip for you though since we are coming up on the season. If someone needs to keep pulling your suit out of your buttocks, it might be a bit too small.

We all enjoyed the warm weather that we had. Kids were jumping on the trampoline and the grill was fired up.

Even these little piggies came out to play! Aren't they pretty little toes?!

I got started on some of the gardening that I want to get done around here. First up was the veggie garden by the patio. I pulled out all the old plants and raked up the debris. I got some plants from Walmart and even got them in! It may be too early for them, but I did it anyways. Did I tell you that I am known around these parts as "The Plant Killer"?



.... and tomatoes!

This cute couple is watching over everything this year. I got them last year in the fall for 50 cents.

Mrs Scarecrow did require a little nose plastic surgery. Like how neatly I did it too? I like how the blob under her nose looks like she has a runny nose. I really should snip off those threads too. So far they have managed to totally freak out the 120 lb Dane. They move with the wind and that just scares the crap out of her.

I think this weekend, if I get some time, I am going to put in some more strawberries, tomatoes, cauliflower and broccoli. Hopefully. The big one is having a slumber party Saturday night. That might put a damper on my plans.

So, until we meet again....

Nar laga Dia thu!

Oh! If you would like to see the little something something that I whipped up at my little sister's house, you can see it here!


Dar said...

You had warm enough weather for swimsuits and squirt guns?...makes me cold just thinking about attempting that here yet, and it was 73 Sat. Today it's 50. Bring on the spring and you go lil gardener. I'll catch up to you come the first of June.

thepurplerose said...

That was so nice of you to call me little when I emphasized the old in older sister!!!

Theresa said...

yup, mother of the year, right next to my blogger of the year...sigh, we're human. oh, and we rock, right? didn't know it got that warm up there yesterday...i hope your week is just as warm and sunny!

Theresa said...

All of my kids were in shorts and tshirts, and rollerblading and playing bloody murder and all the summer games that they could think of! I am going to try to put in a garden this year, wish me luck. First I have to stake out the perfect nontraffic spot in the yard. Then I have to pull out my scarecrow and give them boogers!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Southern Lady said...

It has been like summer here too. I would certainly send the kids out in bathing suits if they wanted. Good luck on your garden. Carla

Sabrina said...

your post is too funny! I couldn't believe how warm it was here too! We actually took our little Ruby to the park and went out for ice cream! I love the look of your blog! So if I haven't visited in a while it has been pretty busy over here! I think next weekend I will start on my herb garden too! Last summer our landscaper cut my whole garden down by mistake!!!! It will be wonderful to have fresh herbs out again!

Anonymous said...


You almost shorted out my laptop. I dared to take a sip from my water bottle while reading one of your posts. "I like how the blob under her nose looks like she has a runny nose." Perhaps she has allergies. :)
We finally had a warm day. Your little one running under the hose reminds me of the little man visiting one hot summer day. He forgot his suit so he was running through the sprinkler in his underwear. I told him he was so lucky. He looked around carefully and replied, c'mon take your clothes off, no one will see you!

Your Friend,

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Ah the first truly warm day, gotta love it! 82 yesterday and it was glorious-enjoy:@)

The Tablescaper said...

What a great way to leave the germs behind!

- The Tablescaper

podso said...

Wow looks like spring has arrived up where you live. I'm sure your kids enjoyed being out after being inside sick during spring break. Loved what you did to your sister's space!