Sunday, April 10, 2011

The "Pass The Germ" Project

This week was Spring Break for my kids. No exotic beaches, fun trips or anything fun for us at all. Nope, we decided to play an exciting game of "Pass the germ"! I know, you are all jealous of all the fun we have here at the farmhouse. What can I say, we know how to spend quality time together.

Now in this game, I was just supposed to be the rule keeper. No puking on the floors, keep all temps normal, when you pass "Go" shut up and take your medicine. You know all the usual stuff. Oh no, this round, they decided that I needed to play along. So before the Drama Queen retired to her death bed, I started this project.

Here is my living room. As you can see, I take great measures to keep it clean and tidy. Yes, yes, I know. Merry Maids keeps on calling to offer me that supervisory position based on the neatness of my house. I know it is kinda hard to see even though the pic is so brightly lit. The walls are yellow since that is what color they were when we bought the house and I have yet to change the color. In fact, when I have repainted, I matched the same yellow. The color is "Lemon Chiffon" by Sherwin Williams. Not only is it very easy to repaint with the same color and not miss a spot. It also shows my level of imagination and creativity!

There are 4 windows in the room which doesn't leave a whole lot of room for displaying all the artwork dispersed around the room. The poor fireplace just kinda serves as a catchall place for any junk that I just don't know what to do with. I do love the couches and tables in here though. Of course, I don't have a pic of them! The couches are brown leather with nailhead and wood trim. The tables are iron and wood scrolled with glass tops. The drapes and valances my sister and I made a few years ago. They are still really pretty, just too dark now.

We also have this massive entertainment center that absolutely does not have to stay. Usually there is a flat screen in here, but it is in the tv hospital right now. We won't even venture into the foyer area right now since that is a total disaster. Remember, my stellar cleaning?! It is really evident in there!

So, while the kids were happily playing, I cleared out the room and repainted. Of course choosing a color was no small task either. I wanted something light and neutral since I do change my mind quite often. A color that would make the darker furniture pop out against it, not blend in. After driving the poor SW guy crazy mixing different samples of paint for me, I settled on the same color that I painted in my bedroom.

You can see all the sample colors on the wall on the right that is still yellow. The color is Killim Beige by SW and kill 'em I will if there is ANY drawing on these walls! I also did the hardwood floors since I haven't done them since last summer/fall. I use a refurbishing kit on them about once a year. You have to wash the floors first. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be so close to wet wood. If only you could can that smell. Kidding, kidding.... The next step is to spray the floors with a neutralizer and wipe into the floor. Then after that is dry, you apply the sealer. So each section of wall that I painted, after I did the floor area in front of it.

When I was on my deathbed, my son graciously moved everything back into place for me. Now that my vision has cleared and I am not just running through the room to get to the bathroom, there are a few places that will need a second coat.

Do you know what happens when you are on your deathbead?! Your baby sister brings you gifts! Sherbet and candlesticks! Your loved ones can always use the candlesticks to hold a vigil around you praying for your wellbeing. Hence, you cannot have enough candlesticks!

Aren't they gorgeous???? You know what else? They totally fit in my scheme of wanting to be Yvonne @ Stone Gable when I grow up cause she has the same ones!

You can see them in this tablescape. BTW, I'm looking for some of those dishes if anyone has any idea where to get them. My sis is so sweet and thoughtful for getting me them in my time of strife and despair. She has grown up to be so wonderful, which is amazing since she was such a brat when she was young! LOL!

Thank You Muchly Sam!

Now that I have recovered from the typhoid, I am ready to do some more! I actually did do something else too, but you are just going to have to wait til next time we meet....

Nar lagai Dia thu!


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!!! NOt at you of course, but you hve the BEST way of telling what would be a very sad story in the most delightfully humorous way!!!!!!
I LOVE your drama queen/deathbed senario!!!! Oh, you really should be writing for sit-coms!

The gorgeous neutral color of your livingroom paint is wonderful! I am lookin for a color to paint my daugter's room... I think I just found it!

And I know you will LOVE those candlesticks! BTW, my sister gave mine to me too!

Only you, in your funny slightly twisted and adorable mind would want to be like be... God bless you, I am praying for you!
YOu know that the feeling is mutual!!!
Thanks for the dear shout-out! I'm glad you are better. Don't tag me, I don't want to be it!
On a more serious note, I could use your prayers, I am having day surgery on my back tomorrow. Thanks!
xo Yvonne

Proper Prim said...

Maggie you totally crack me up... only you could make being sick on your deathbed sound like fun. Hope you are feeling better.

Hugs, Deb

Pat said...

Oh, Jeez! I remember those days. You sure got a good gift and a good sister, though. Clean houses are overrated when you have little ones. You can have a clean house when kids are grown and gone!


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Hey girl, glad you're feeling better! Sounds like you've been pretty busy to me! Best of luck with the 'no drawing on the walls' thing:@)

Southern Lady said...

So sorry to hear that you've been under the weather. Glad that you are feeling better. Great gifts always make being sick a little more pleasant! You have a great sister. Hope you are all done with "passing the germ." Carla

Toni said...
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Toni said...

You can find those lovely lavender dishes here: Not cheap but I don't know your budget. Hope this helps, they are BEAUTIFUL! Love StoneGable as well!

Tanya said...

Oh my, I laughed and laughed! Too funny! Hoping you are up and moving with the living again. Moms' don't have time to be sick! Love the new go girl!
And the candlesticks...AMAZING! What a thoughtful gift!
And BTW, when you get done being Yvonne, can you pass the torch to me? I am in awe of her! I would just love to be her shadow for a week!
Take care,

Theresa said...

Aw, my poor you! Deathbeds and flooring, oh my! The color looks lovely. And my wish for you is total health and a box of those fabulous dishes!

Lori said...

Oh Maggie ~ I am glad you are feeling better but I do love your story telling! You can be sure if I come across those dishes they will be packed up and on the way to you. xo

The Mom Chef said...

Oh my. I wandered over here from ButterYum and just kept reading and reading. I love hearing about your life and goings-on. I do love your house as well and your taste in tablescapes. :)

Whenever someone around here needs some replacement tableware, the first thing we think of is Replacements, Ltd, which is in Greensboro, NC ( They have everything you could want and are even used by Hollywood for those scenes when a plate or glass is broken over and over. Good luck!