Monday, May 31, 2010

2nd Inspiration Party and More!

I have finally dug myself out of the pile of weeds and emerged victorious!

Along with having some internet problems which kept me from posting and visiting! I was having serious withdrawals too!

As you can see though, my helpers Snow White....

....and my gardener did help out ALOT! I wanted him to get the weed whip started for me. He bought this new toy. I can't use this toy cause honestly it scares the crap out of me! He so graciously weed whipped the whole yard for me. The weed whip is out of commission still. I broke the primer bulb. Oops!

But it is done and until it needs to be done again, I don't care! The yard looks so nice all neat and tidy too. Thankfully, by the time that I got the weeding done it was time to turn around and mow the grass again.

I guess cause I hadn't jiggled enough of my girl parts enough.

The flowers are happy and so am I!

The night before Memorial Day we did a tour of the Hartland Cemetery.

As you can see both older kids were thrilled with their Mom's morbid sense of fun.

The local Veteran's chapter gets together with the high school and puts on a luminary walk. Some of the students dress in period clothing and tell interesting facts of the veterans buried in the cemetery. Each veteran's grave is marked with a flag and candle for later.

I have to give credit to the students. They answered questions and acted like they really wanted to be there in wool costumes in 80+ weather! I was sweating bullets in shorts and a tank top!

The cemetery is actually very pretty though. Some of the older headstones are soapstone and have broken. Some are barely readable due to weather. I think the oldest one here is from 1827.

These are two graves that they "found" recently. The 2 men were buried here in unmarked graves. Digging through old records they found their names. Since they were veterans, the local chapter applied to have headstones provided for them. These headstones were just placed here in April.

Memorial Day morning was beautiful! We went to Kensington and spent a couple of hours fishing.

The bitty one got bored of it really quick and just ran around. Since I don't touch fish or worms, I didn't do alot of fishing. The weather turned yucky and the rest of the afternoon we got rain! Chinese buffet instead of BBQ.

Maybe tomorrow....

Now onto the Inspiration Party!

You know the drill. You can add your link to a post about someone who inspired you this month.

I am sure alot of you won't be surprised by my Inspiration this month.

She has a gorgeous blog filled with breathtaking pictures, stunning tablescapes and mouth watering recipes.

She is a devoted wife, mother and friend.

She has inspired me to pay attention to detail and make every day special.

I love each and every post that she writes.

Including the one about laundry too!

Can you believe that?

Every day I feel blessed to have this wonderful person in my life!

If you haven't guessed already....

It's Yvonne @ Stone Gable!

I have figured out how she gets so much done though from this picture. It must be that extra hand growing out of her shoulder. I need to get me one of those!

If there is one new blog that you visit, it must be hers though! Martha Stewart has nothing on this woman!

Now it's your turn!

Share your inspiration this month!

The party ends Thursday June 3rd!


Lori said...

What a fantastic pick this month Maggie ~ I too love Yvonne's blog ~ her photos are gorgeous and she always has something great to share. I just loved the shower pictures!

Glad to hear you had a great Memorial day week-end and all your yardwork is done...for now.

Have a great week and thank you once again for hosting this party!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Oh my Maggie! Thank you so much for the lovely words and this humbling honor! Bless your dear heart.
You know I feel the same way about you too!
You have been the most faithful friend to me, and I can ALWAYS count on you for a fun post and a hardy laugh.
Thank you for being my dear bbf- best blogging friend!
xo Yvonne

vignette design said...

I agree with you Maggie! Yvonne is my inspiration too. I am always in awe at her photographs and her posts of living our lives filled with beauty and inspiration.

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

You always have me chuckling when I read your posts! The cemetary walk sounds really cool, my sister and her family do something like that over in Marshall. I don't fish either, I'm always just along for the ride and to take pics or admire the "big one". It's the same way for me, I don't touch worms or fish, I tried I really did, when we were first married. I think I took all of the fun out of it for Duane everytime he had to bait my hook or take the fish off as I squealed and did my little 'get it off, get it off' dance. Oh well. Now I need to check out Yvonne's blog, thanks for the tip! Have a great day! Theresa

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Oh my gosh.... Stone Gable has the best photos EVER! Thanks for guiding us to her, Maggie!

I'll be back later with my inspiration post. Sorry I'm late! :)


Cynthia @An Accomplished Woman said...

Yvonne is the best. She has a knack for making everyday things lovely.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you were able to tackle the weeds and get some R & R in. The Hartland cemetery sounds great - sometime I would love to take you to my family's cemetery (if you like that sort of thing) it is very small and quaint and full of history (even a famous Michigander there)...thank you for sharing about Yvonne. I *hope* to join the party - may be late in posting though! Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful choice on your inspiration, Maggie. I'm still putting my thoughts together... change of meds today so my brain is a bit fuzzy!!! I'll get there though!

Lori J said...

I JUST found Yvonne's blog a few days ago and I LOVE HER ALREADY!!
I am TRYING to go back and read EVERY ONE of her old posts..she is AWESOME!! I have learned SO MUCH already! What a HUGE gift she has given all of us readers! I am so inspired!

Marydon Ford said...

I don't know her, Maggie, but will become acquainted shortly. Love your busy write today ... so wonderful the graves were found to be honored with names.

Thank you, Mr. Dept911 came thru his eye surgery well today, Thank God! Always a worry when eyes are fiddled with.

Gotta scoot, it's bedtime ... be back soon!
TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Your yard looks great Maggie! Glad you got 'some' help anyway. Looks like you had a great Memorial Day.

Not familiar with Yvonne, but on the way to meet her :)


Leslie said...

The White Farm House seems all warm and cozy.
Your little garden helper is super cute.

Jacqueline said...

Dear Maggie,
Sorry that I'm late....had lots to do this week and blogging took 2nd place.
Looks like you had a wonderful Memorial weekend. I love your photos of your family. I love your little one. She takes the most wonderful photos. She always looks so cheeky !!.....and your older two look just like mine used to when they had to do something that they thought was a bit boring !! XXXX

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

so happy to hear your weeds are gone! Your posts are always so much fun to read!!
Have a wonderful weekend!