Friday, June 4, 2010

More Useless Drabble from the Farmhouse

It's raining here....


It's been raining for the last 3 days now. Hopefully all this rain will nourish the weeds that were haphazardly pulled and they will flourish to another 7 bags of weeds pulled. One can only hope right?! I was so hoping to get the veggie garden done this week. Here is hoping that this weekend it will go in!

I wanted to show off my last beauty in my irises. I just love this one. It is such a deep purple that it appears to be black. It actually was deeper when I first got it. Some lunkhead wasn't thinking and planted it too close to the whites so it has lightened a bit. It is one of my "snotty b*&$h" plants. I got 2 of them. They know I love them. They know I look forward to seeing them in bloom each year. Yet, they are always the last to bloom and just make me wait.

Isn't it pretty? Probably would of been more dramatic if the sun was not shining directly on it. I got this one a few years ago at Bordines. The other "snotty b*&$h" plant is my red lily. I used to have a whole corner until someone, who's name we won't mention but is not me this time, built a wall on 3/4 of them. They are slowly coming back. Wait til you see them! The lilies just started getting buds on them so it should be any time now. Wow, that sounded weird.

One more week of school! Woo hoo! My son would be correcting me on that. It's actually only 4 1/2 more days of school. He loves to correct me. He doesn't grasp the concept that he has to get through 7 more days til that last day of school. I am so ready for summer vacation. No more homework, no more teachers, no PTO, no more last minute "can you make 50 cupcakes for tomorrow" .... The list just goes on. Next year we are in high school! She is really one smart little girl cause just last year I was putting her on the bus for 1st grade! I can still remember her first year. She wore her hair in ponytails the whole year. We had a ritual. When I saw the bus coming I would grab one of her ponytails, split it in half and yank them up. I started telling her "ok, make a wish time"! Little Miss Smartypants started replying with "I hope you don't pull as hard on the other one"! Hmmmph! Then with the other one she would squeal "my wish came true"! I wonder if for her first day of high school if she would let me put her hair in ponytails....

Next week I have to speak in front of 950+ people. My son's principal is retiring and I have to give a little speech along with a retirement gift the PTO bought him. Why? Cause I am stupid enough to be PTO president. I am only hoping and praying that I don't cry. That is one of my weird things. I cry. Alot. Sometimes for no reason. I cried the other day when my son and my husband went to the Tiger game with his 6th grade class. One of the girls in his class sang the "Star Spangled Banner" at the start of the game. I just heard about it and how good she was and I cried. Why? I got no frigging idea. I just started bawling like a baby. So I am hoping that I can get this over with without any tears. I doubt it though. I went to order lei's for his send off today and started crying telling the lady what I needed so many for. I think I got a 15% discount because she either felt sorry for me or just wanted to get rid of the weird crying lady quicker. Maybe she thought it would cheer me up? I don't know....

In less disturbing news though, I was outside with my husband the other morning. We have coffee on the back patio sometimes. This was one of those times. "Look at this" he says shaking his leg. "My pants are getting longer. I think I am shrinking". I was so glad that I was looking down because you know how sympathetic I am to others. Yes, I had to bite my cheeks to keep from laughing. Like crying, sometimes I start laughing and can't stop. I try but I start laughing so hard that I can't talk so I just think up funny stuff that I could say if I could talk at that moment which causes me to laugh harder. It's not pretty. All I can imagine is waking up in bed and finding a 3" version of my husband next to me. I also wanted to ask him if he thought I should call a shrink for him. So there I am sucking in my cheeks and biting as hard as I can looking like an ethiopian from the 3 chins up and he has this ultra serious look on his face. Then came the tears. Not from crying like he thought but from ROFLMAO on the inside tears. And no, I have not been crazily letting the hem out in his pants to drive the man crazy either. He seriously thinks he is shrinking. I think he just can't pull his pants up as far as he used to.

So that is about it. Hopefully next post will be more constructive than this one. IF the rain ever stops!

A BIG THANK YOU!! to everyone who stopped by for the Inspiration Party! It was so much fun! The next one will be June 30th. I am working on getting a big project done that was inspired by another great blogger! That's all I am saying though. I guess you have to come to find out who. Now to go dance around my yard like a freak hoping that will stop the rain....


Anonymous said...

As a man sows, so he shall reap...................................................

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Hey Maggie! The iris is pretty, I hope the rain (and weeds) end soon! You mentioned a zucchini side dish recipe, could you post it or send me an e-mail? Thanks-have a great weekend!

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Good Morning Maggie! Thanks for starting my day off with a good laugh again! I can't even pick which one made me laugh harder... but if your husband shrinks to 3" take a picture for us and we might have a winner! Just getting ready to load up for day 2 of the show, yesterday was fun and I did o.k. so I'm hoping today will be even better. Maybe I'll wear pigtails and make a wish... Theresa

Lori said...

I love your iris Maggie ~ I miss mine. I gave them all to a neighbor after Molly ate one of the buds and then after a $500 trip to the vet and a lot of tears and heartbreak from me ~ they had to go. I now admire them from afar as they are next door.
We have another thing in common as I am also a sap ~ I cry over commercials and movies and well at the drop of a hat really. I can have a tough exterior at times but I am a marshmallow. Now about hubby shrinking ~ you truly make me laugh out loud! Has he lost weight by chance as all my pants are now longer as I have lost some of the junk in my truck ~ just a thought!
Have a wonderful week-end! I am packaging up your parcel and hope to get it mailed tomorrow. xo

aBohemianMarket said...

Oh my goodness Maggie:
You kill me; you could go up against Kathy Griffin or Betty White anytime and come out on top!!! Seriously you should see about open mic night at a local comedy club or find out the publisher for Irma Bombeck as you are too funny to me!!!
You always amaze me what you can say next; I think that is where the kids (pony tail wishes : ) get their smartness!!!
I am grand baby sitting for another whole day and I have to ahve dinner cooked when my oldest daughter comes home. Yikes, this is like when I was just a Mom : )
Love you kiddo

Dragonfly Treasure said...

OMG Lady!! You are too funny! Your husband shrinking...omg!!LOL
Your Iris is beautiful! Haven't seen one that color before.

Hey did you see my post regarding Cyndar? Had to run her into the vet the other night. Danes are prone to disc problems in their back. She collapsed so ran her in. More details in that post...just an FYI.
Can't believe how much better she is doing with the meds.

Have a great weekend!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

WOW Hadn't heard of Wobblers Disease. Looked it up, poor things!Thanks for mentioning it.

Cyndar and Baylee are both doing good. Cyndar to not to run, but try telling her that! She can still "drag" that left leg a bit at times. Trying to see if she can wean down off the pain pills. Hoping all is well there.
Enjoy your weekend!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Shoot! I meant to say good idea about the cubes. They sure do love treats don't they! Tried carrots..didn't fly LOL