Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Wicked Cool Tales from the Gardening Troll!

Well before we get to those we had a birthday party to attend.

My niece Karissa turned 4 and a princess party was in order. Doesn't she look cute dressed as Snow White?

Then we came home to this. Your husband on the roof with a measuring tape and a hammer is never a good sign. He went up there to fix the gutters before he shrinks too much. While he is up there he decided that we need a new roof. This is scary since we still have yet to finish the fence we started last August. I guess the 18 layers of shingles and layer of cedar shake have about pooped out.

Enough with him though, onto the garden!


I don't believe a crown and heels is required either. I may be off on my gardening etiquette though. Dress however you feel comfortable.

As you can see we are off like a herd of turtles. I used one of those garden claws to turn over the soil. I am probably one of the few that believed they make gardening fun! They don't. They do seem to get the job done though. Until tomorrow when you can't lift your arms from twisting that stupid thing.

I got the landscape fabric laid down. One of the benefits of being married to a contractor is all the leftover materials from jobs. He buys this by the roll and it is a contractor grade. He uses about a roll for a cell site so I get all the scraps which is usually yards and yards of the stuff!

It probably looks like I just stood around ordering my minions to do my bidding while I took pics.
Well.... maybe a little...

I drew out a grid of 18"x18" squares for the plants. I used washable sidewalk chalk so I had to hurry before the rain came. I also used garden staples to hold the fabric in place until I get the rock to go over it. Next year when I replant this I should be able to find the holes to get the new plants in. If you are wondering about the significance of the two different colors of chalk there is none. The bitty one made me give her the blue and use pink cause "she looooooves pink". I usually do what I am told with her cause she is just mean sometimes.

I even made a chart of what goes where.

The bitty one drew on the fabric. That's a picture of me she drew. I don't know when I swapped my eyes for boobs though. Maybe it is how she sees things from her perspective. She wouldn't tell me. I will have to ask the hubby when he has shrunken to about 3' tall.

There they are! What I got is all tucked in. I have LOTS of tomatoes, peppers (red, green and yellow), cukes, parsley, basil and sunflower seeds planted. I still need to get some more plants. I just ran up to Walmart to get these and they were slim pickins. I am hoping that maybe I can cram 22 boxes of leis and more plants in my itty bitty car tomorrow. If so, I should be able to finish this.

I also found the cutest little thing that I have to go back and get. I am hoping that he is still there. Otherwise, I will be scouring stores in the state of Michigan and surrounding states til I find another one.

Also, I am hoping to get some fun projects done this week. It's been so long since I did something fun that I am jonesing. I am so behind on the projects that I have promised too. So look for some fun stuff coming!

Until then this garden troll needs to go and oooh and aaah over her itty bitty plants!


Lori said...

I love your tales from the garden!! Score on the landscaping fabric ~ I just weed and weed away... Thanks for the comments on the chair pads ~ I have enough fabric for a runner so I may do one of those when I finish my current project which is a ruffled purse. I do not know where I am getting all my ambition ~ maybe it's all the rain or maybe I am feeling guilty that these things have been on my to do list since the first of the year. Remember my project of the month?? Yeah ~ me neither! ha ha ha. Hope you are having an enjoyable Sunday Maggie ~ now I am off to frost some cupcakes!!

Pam said...

What a wonderful post. Your daughter is quite an artist! Will check back often to see "How Does Your Garden Grows".

thanks for visiting my blog and suggesting the sewing kits. What a wonderful idea! I'll planning one if my mind as I write. They will be wonderful gifts. Thank you.

Julie Johnson said...

Great your garden. So impressed!
Ah the roof. Our neighbor is a home inspector, and was kind enough to look at the roof on our addition today. Yep, we need one too. So not where I want to sink the $ right now!!

Southern Lady said...

Looks like you have been busy this weekend! Hope you found some time to rest. Carla

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Gotta get me a crown! I'll feel so special while up to my arm pits in dirt weeding!!! (The heels aren't happening though!)

Carmen said...

I hope you guys get lots of veggies! I planted my very first veggie garden this year. I didn't plant as much as you did though. Hopefully we will both get lots of yummy veggies.

Also, thanks for stopping by and making such sweet comments about my grandbaby. :)

From the Kitchen said...

"A herd of turtles?" Oh, I need to borrow that statement. It so suits me!
I hope you'll be posting the after pictures of the plantings. Love the party and the birthday "princess".

Word of warning: When you remove all those layers of roofing, the house might "pop" up giving you another floor! Good luck!


Dar said...

Oooo and aaaah away, you have the same love for the plants, tiny or large, that I do. Now, to wait for them to produce veggies for us. That's the hard part...patience., at least for me. Before you know it, you will be eating those peppers, tomatoes, popping cherry tomatoes in your mouth right off the vine. I can taste them already. Enjoy your garden. and thanks for the nice comments you've been letting. Tell your hubby that the guys would love to see him on his way to Canada for his bear hunt. Have fun roofing, we just did some of the same last fall but still are not done. too many projects, not enough hrs. in a day.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

ohhhh...aahhhhh! Looking good!!
I am so behind on projects too!!! Having company (relocating friends) dosen't help.
....find a job already!
*whispering* did I say that outloud??


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Did all that gardening put you in the hospital? Were you kidnapped by yard gnomes? Or are you on a vacation very far away from all weeds and garden tools? I miss you!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So funny we both are Maggies and share the same likes and dislikes.
But I am not as near organized as you are my sweet friend. I would of never thought of laying it all out of paper like you did...great idea and if I ever get well I am getting you to help me with my beds.