Monday, June 14, 2010

Just catching my breath here

Last week was so incredibly busy! The last week of school though!

Woo hoo!

I am still at the stage where I imagine getting all kinds of things done. I figure about early July I will enter Stage 3. Stage 3 is where you realize how much you are not getting done. You also get a few times you wish school was ready to start again. So until then, I am on a mission!

Have you seen my to do list?

It just keeps growing.... So my goal is to get one thing crossed off the list a day. Any more than one is a bonus. It's 2 pm and I still have yet to do one thing on the list yet. Yeah, we are off like a herd of turtles! But it's the first day of summer vacation though....

As for last week, sometime this week I will have pics and a tour of Hartland. It's actually a cute little town though. I toured the old part with my oldest daughter and a group from her Social Studies class. They had to find out about certain buildings and say a little blurb about them. It actually was interesting. There is a house that is insulated with sawdust and another that the creek runs through the basement. I also found out what a coffin door was too. I so want to rip off the siding on our house to see if at some point in time we had one. I think we did since our house is about the same age and style. But that will have to wait til the hubby gets back from Chicago so I can use his laptop to pull the pics off my phone.

We also had to say goodbye to the much loved principal at my son's school. Since I am PTO President I had to present him with the gift we purchased him as a thanks for all he has done. I knew I was going to cry. I practiced over and over til I could say it without feeling like I was going to bust out in tears at any minute.

Then came the time to do it. I felt like I was going to cry seeing all the kids clamoring all over him and him just loving every minute of it. He really does live to see his "kids" every day. So we caught him. Halfway through saying what I had planned to say he starts to tear up. I start to tear up. He hugs me and tears are starting to come. I hug him and start bawling like a baby. I am doing everything I can to stop. Suddenly I just felt off. My vision was weird and I felt dizzy. Please God, don't let me pass out! All the kids come and swarm him again. It was about then that I figured out what was wrong.


One of my contacts had popped out and was perched on his shoulder!

Good thing they are disposable and I didn't need it back! I mean how do you ask someone if you can get your contact back? How do you get through a mob of 857 kids all trying to say good bye one last time to get close enough to grab said contact? Good thing I didn't have to find out!

So now to catch my breath and hopefully get to work!


Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Aww I have to admit it, I am that sentimental too. I tell myself... I'm a big brave dog, I'm a big brave dog... but then I turn into mush. so your list stresses me out, I've told you that before. but I like the idea of trying to accomplish something besides laundry and dishes every day. Good luck with that! As for the herd of turtles... too funny! First day of summer for us too, as I look around my messy house, I think if I can keep some of these people outside for a few days in a row maybe I can actually get something done. and by people I mean Max and his friends, the rest can help me! Wish me luck I'm breaking out the turtle food to see if that gets anyone moving! Theresa

Proper Prim said...

Oh Maggie, I just can't read your posts at work anymore... I always burst out laughing at the least appropriate moment... that is hysterical and so sad at the same time. What a nice send off for such a great person and one I am sure you will never forget.

Hugs, Deb

Jacqueline said...

Dear, sentimental Maggie,
It really is sad, saying goodbye isn't it ? I would be crying fact, I'm crying now !!
I bet the children will miss him and he them.
You are certainly a very busy bee Maggie. I have never known anyone fit so much into a day. I really do admire your wonderful enthusiasm. I wish that I had half of your vigour.... and I am desperate to know if you have got a coffin door. Get your hubby home quick smart !! XXXX

Lori said...

I have missed you and I am glad to see you back!! How funny is the contact story ~ why do things like that always happen to you?? lol As I was working on my little project last night I remembered about your gift certificate to Kim/Mimi's Esty shop!! Please let me know what you would like and I will contact her directly. You should be getting your parcel any day now. Hugs from the north!

Joan said...

A sad occasion, but a funny story!

Anonymous said...
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