Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Nightmare

I was trying not to post while the Inspiration party is going on.

Do you know how hard that is though?!!

The party ends Monday night, so you still have time to enter your inspiration post!

It's been alot of fun reading all the wonderful posts and meeting some new people out there also!

Thank you to everyone for participating!

In the meantime, I used this weekend to catch up on some things on my to do list.

Can you say yuck?

I am only posting these cause it no longer looks like this though.

The boys room....

Why are boys so messy?

I don't even know how he was able to find anything much less move around!

Crap was piled up EVERYWHERE! But I hitched up my big girl britches and spent the day in here.

Once all the laundry was pulled out of there it didn't look too bad. Now I know where all my towels went too.

Who am I kidding? It was still pretty bad. You can see bits of the floor though.

Here is garbage bag number 1. More of the floor is visible. I do believe that I picked up 983,436,787 teeny tiny lego pieces. The next smart ass who buys my kid tiny legos is going to be in for it! Go ahead and kneel on a lego and tell me you don't curse out whoever bought them!

Just when I was getting closer to done, I opened the closet door. It is now the title of my new horror movie. "Don't Look In The Closet!" I mean there was so much that it just tumbled out!

I now know where all that clean laundry ended up!

In all honesty one of those bags is clothes. I thought that while I was at it I may as well be daring and go through his clothes. I think at 11 he has grown out of all the Shrek shirts!

He did draw on his closet doors. They are painted with chalkboard paint though.

There is my little Tae Kwon Do dude. We had that pic of him taken with his first trophy that he won. You can actually see the top of his dresser now!

He actually has pretty nice floors in his room. Now that you can see them!

His desk with his new rolly chair that he can use now. Maybe for homework?

For now though he likes spinning around in the chair.

Which he can now.

I still have a couple more things to do in here. I am painting some shelves for his trophies but they are slow drying since it is kinda cold here this weekend.

And rainy.

He also wants a "clubhouse".

Are you kidding me?

I do have a project tutorial coming this week also.

It involves organization and cereal boxes.

Yup, cereal boxes!

Ya'll won't want to miss it!

In the meantime, don't forget to get your posts in for the Inspiration Party!

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Lori said...

Actually throughout my teenage years, my room looked exactly like that!! I cannot imagine that now though ~ I would probably go into heart failure or something ~ can you tell I have no kids!! lol Cannot wait to see what you do with cereal boxes...hmmm I cannot even guess that one! Happy Sunday Maggie. MWAH! xo

Funky Junk Interiors said...

LOL!! Maggie, just WAIT until you see my staging stock room. It'll make you feel sooo much better. That's coming soon.

Nice job on finding a nice room!!


Anonymous said...

you done good! That room is shining and sparkly...even if it is only for a few days (I have two boys myself...but the daughter was the worst when it came to rooms)...and Lego's, Micro Machines and matchbox cars should be outlawed...ouch!

Southern Lady said...

Believe it or not, girls can be just as messy. Good job on the cleaning. Carla

shari @ little blue deer said...

Ha! That looks like my husband's office! It's the only room in our home where I let him do whatever he wants with it, and seriously, it looks just like this! And he's 47! Anyway, happy to happen upon your blog, I am off to check out the Inspiration Party and will definitely be following! Cheers!

Julie Johnson said...

Great job Maggie...proud of you! My girls' room looks just as bad...I spent two hours on it last week...and it's a mess again. I can't handle it!

Carmen said...

Oh man! Do I know how you feel! My son is so messy and my poor daughter has to share a room with him. Once I stepped on a game piece from Perfection. It hurt so bad. The kids ran and hid because I was yelling so loud. haha Sorry I don't have anything prepared to link up to the inspiration party.

Thanks for the birthday wishes for my kids. You are so sweet. You always leave me the nicest comments.

Dar said...

Any parent can relate to the messy kids sure met the challenge and found a wonderful space that will back to your son's 'normal' in less than a week. Another killer toy are building, can't stand after stepping on one of those in the night.
The 'nightmares' will continue until all kids are out of the house. My last one finally moved and he's 28 with 3 sons. Phew!!!
BlessYourHeart and Week

Jennifer said...

All I can say is WOW! Jennifer jennsthreegraces take a break and stop by some time!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

What were you doing my middle sons room??!! Seriously, his looks just like that...and he's 22!! I do not know how he can anything in there! Yup, his clean clothes go in a plie too. He's gone till July, I would love to go in and just trash bag it all. but I know I can't. So funny, when he cleans and gets to a couple clean spots on the floor he thinks he's done. OY! The "clean" spots last about 2 days. LOL I give...just keep the door closed. More important battles to fight eslewhere. LOL

Atticmag said...

I like the chalkboard paint in a child's room. Tends to save the walls. Jane F

The Stylish House said...

I’m visiting via Yvonne’s place @ Stone Gable. She’s such a nice gal I wanted to say hi. I already LOL reading this post. I believe it happened at the word crap! I can certainly tell you a thing or two about Lego’s I used to work for the company, back in my much younger days. Hey, now that you have such good experience why don’t you head over to my scary basement and work a little magic there too. Thanks for the fun visit.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

Hey, you need to meet us at the Flea.. you're in IL right?

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Hey that looks just like Hannahs room! In her defense she did just 'clean' it on Saturday... now maybe I can go in there and finish it so it looks as good as your sons room! When she has to clean it I always say, take trash bags with you, you're going to need them! I know first hand what a big job that was, way to go! Theresa