Saturday, May 8, 2010


So this week has been hectic!

It was Teacher Appreciation Week sponsored by the PTO.

Guess who is PTO President?!

The principal is also retiring (sniffsniff). He is such a wonderful man to have as a role model for your children. He knows every kids name. And remembers them!

I laid down in his office and told him I wasn't moving til I spied that damn candy bar in the corner....

Let's say my sit in/lay down did not last long.


I managed a few hours to squeak in some cleaning around the house.

As I was giddily cleaning the girls room cause they have done an awesome job, really they did, keeping it clean. I realized something.

It was off.

It was not what I had envisioned.

I think it is the wall color.


Then I went into the boys room. He has also been superb at keeping his room clean too. I guess bitching and whining does work on men under 18!

Yeah, it wasn't working for me here either.

Now a quick clean in the living room and foyer cause these are projects waiting to happen.

Then onto the kitchen....

The kitchen I just painted in August last year.

I don't like that color either....

Do you see a trend here?

I need to repaint!

The whole frigging house!

Well.... except for my bedroom cause I can live with that....

So I got out some paint and painted some "samples".

The color I like in the kitchen I don't like in the living room and foyer.

Too dark.

The girls room I am thinking a really light grey for the walls.

An old vintage iron bed in white....


Maybe some quilts?

Gotta have a puddled bedskirt!

The boy likes his curtains.


What color in the kitchen would make ironstone pop?!

I still need a clock too....

Ah crap!

Now after a trip to the helpful SW store I am armed with a new paint deck.

A paint deck they just gave me I believe they gave me out of desperation.

To get me out of their store.

When did they make so many colors of white?

Now I am left with a paint deck, a stack of options and two kids who "iduncare"!


I also have an award that I got.

The very ubercool Lori @ Wildflowers gave me!

If you don't know already I just LOVE Lori!


Aunt Flo (wink wink) is visiting and I will address this as soon as she leaves!

Sean Connery did pop up though.



Happy Mothers Day to all!

Kiss your bitty ones and the ones that are "too old" to be kissed!

Just think of it as a drunken Irish holiday!

Erin Go Bragh!


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Maggie, you are always up to something magnificent and funny! Did I tell you lately that you are very exhausting and make me feel like a slug? Well, only in the best, you inspire me kind of way! I do the same wall/paint thing with my master bath. It is wallpapered and I need to address that. I would love to take all that flowery stuff down and paint it. But I think we are re-doing it next summer, so I don't know if I want to go to all that work.

Anyway, I will look forward to the newly painted walls with the new colors!

Happy Mother's Day, dear friend! NO PAINTING TODAY! It's your day!
xo Yvone

Jacqueline said...

Dear Maggie,
Well, again you put me to shame. You are repainting things and I haven't even begun !!!! You are just brilliant.
I can't wait to see what you do next.
We had our Mothering Sunday in March here in the U.K. but Happy Mother's Day to you and see if you can put your feet up for 5 minutes !! XXXX

Lori said...

OMG - I cannot believe you are going to repaint again!! You honestly make me laugh ~ but I have been thinking the same thing here ~ but I only have 3 rooms on my radar...and they haven't been painted for about 5 years or so!

I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day my friend ~ try and relax a bit today...would ya??!! xo

Southern Lady said...

Sounds like you have been busy. Happy Mother's day to you. Carla

Tracey said...

You crack me up! Sounds like you are super busy with all kinds of stuff! Hope you got a chance to enjoy your Mother's Day!!

Hugs ~

:) T

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Maggie
I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day...and as one that works for public schools...thank you for all the work you put into Staff Appreciation week. We don't have many parents like you!
Happy Tuesday! :)

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Wouldn't it be fun if we lived next door... and we could have fun chatting and painting each others house?
I know we would have fun!

Jennifer Rizzo said...

Thanks for the Advice Sissy! I am going to get some and see if that helps!

Anonymous said...

Dear Maggie,

I so understand the dilemma of to paint or not to paint...easily answered, yes! ... which then leads to what color?! I blogged about my bathroom reno in Nov 09 and ended with stay tuned -- that was five shades ago!

Thank you for the smiles.


Marydon Ford said...

You know what solves all the problems/issues/questions/decisions in ones life? A peanut butter cup ... chuckle!

Have a great week!
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Anonymous said...


Dragonfly Treasure said...

How 'bout chocolate covered strawberries? Eat some and ponder the colors ;) LOL

Anonymous said...

You are just the sweetest thing -- Everytime I visit your blog, which seems to be several times a day anymore, I see Barbie and Ken having sex and it brings me back to my grade school days (haha). Who would have thought I would remember that far back???? Thank you for the award, Maggie! Now I'll have to get to work and see what I come up with!