Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Feeling Fenced In....

....and I love it!

We started this project late last summer. To help contain the 120 lbs of stupidity that we proudly call our dog.

She thinks she is a chihuaha.

In reality she is a Great Dane.

A Great Dane that I would not trade for the world!

So we planned out the fence.

We didn't plan on my hubby being too busy with paying customers to not get it done though.

But, now we are determined that before we do any other projects this one needs to be finished.

I love my fence though! We have gotten many compliments on it.

Lucy! You got some painting to do!

Oh look! It was even sunny enough for shadows!

Looks like someone has been working out!


I was so not taking pics of your dad's butt!

I know Jeff! I can't believe how nice it looks!


Dar said...

You now have a most wonderful, charming fence. I love white fence, and what do I have?...a red one. Who'da guessed.
On to the next project, right?

Dragonfly Treasure said...

LOL We have a Great Dane too, why do they think they are so small?? LOL Wouldn't trade ours for the world either. Love your fence!! So pretty :)

Jacqueline said...

Dear Maggie,
A fabulous fence and, not only does it keep your gorgeous dog IN but it is aesthetically beautiful too. Good job ! XXXX

Julie Johnson said...

LOVE your new fence! I want to see a pic of your dog! We had a newfie....I miss her every day. She thought she was a lap dog. I don't miss her drool though. :)

Rosewood Cottage said...

I adore your fence! sooo darling! We need one so badly at our new place...HD estimate was over $3,500 (too dear with all the reno's)...hoping hubby will get the courage to "do it ourselves" because our boxer Hailey needs space! :) Have a great Sunday!


Lori said...

I remember when you started this last summer and Maggie is looks fantastic!! It is unique and I really like it.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I want to see a photo of your dog too! And that is a great fence. I love a white fence and yours is so unique too. Thanks for the tip on trying Sweet William in my way too shady garden. I'll give them a try.

jenjen said...

Your fence is so pretty! It looks like the weather has been good there. We are still waiting for it to warm up here :)

Hey, I don't know if you saw my comment on your earlier post, but you won the Liberty of London and Gorilla Glue giveaway from my Weekend Wrap Up Party last week. Send me you information and I will get them to you. Congratulations!


Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

This is the coolest fence!!Gotta love a white fence and its so unique! Great job to your hubby! I love the picture of your sweet dog sitting on #6, so funny!
Happy Monday to you.

Proper Prim said...

Hello there... thanks for popping by yesterday... I am okay and thanks for caring... I just haven't been doing any makeovers and really haven't been going to my haunts for stuff... I hope to get back into the swing of things soon.

I am love with your fence... I love the different configuration of it... I may have to borrow your idea with your permission of course... I am putting a new fence up in the front of my house and I was looking for something different, this would be perfect... thanks so much for the inspiration... hubby did an amazing job.... I promise I will post and credit you when things get rolling... love your sweet dog too.

Hugs, Deb