Monday, March 29, 2010

This and That

When I was younger, I had a pen pal. We wrote each other faithfully every week. I would get so excited when I saw a letter from her and looked forward to writing to her.

Now there is email.

No one uses the snail mail anymore to correspond.


Deborah at the Fairfield House has a great project going on. She is asking for a postcard from each state. When she gets one from every state there is to be a drawing. The winner will receive a little care package in the mail.

You can also exchange postcards with other participants. She just added that feature to it since it has become so popular.

I'm doing the Michigan postcard.

Do you know how hard it is to find a postcard? I thought it would be kinda easy.


So I am off in search of some postcards!

But, do you know what I do have?!

Disney pics!

My new house!

See, it even comes with "that" blue!

The girls on the carousel

Me and the kids on the flying carpet ride. Note to self: DO NOT LET THE BITTY ONE CONTROL THE CARPET! SHE WILL MAKE YOU SICK!

The kids and Chip and Dale.


Me and the two oldest with my main man Donald Duck!

I love that Duck! I've liked him since I was young. This time that we went I was bound and determined to get my pic with him. We walked all over looking for him.

Don't say it is just a guy in a duck costume either!

I do have some more of the girls and the princesses and the fairies. I have to send them to my hubby's phone and have him save them to his puter and then email them to me.

Or buy a phone card for my pics.

Either way, they are still on my phone.

I suck.

But I will have some more projects for ya. I am hoping to have the one from this weekend that started off small done. Why is it that the simplest ones are the ones that snowball?


Lori said...

Love the pics from Disney Maggie!! Hats off to you for taking part in sending the postcards ~ they ARE very hard to find now ~ check out the souvenir section at your local Target or Wal-Mart ~ you might get lucky! Not THAT way though. Have a great week...

DustyLu said...

Great fun! I love Disneyland. We tried to take our little man last year, my father-in-law does the trip for all the grand kids once a year. He was still to young so we hope this year he will know what it you for always stopping by and commenting on my silly posts..Good luck with all the giveaways..! ~lulu

Cindy said...

OMG...I LOVE disney! And I got news for ya, Donald is played by a girl. I took the backstage tour and they said most of the Mickeys and Donalds are girls. I was devastated.

Don't take the backstage tour if you want to keep the 'magic' intact. :)

Dar said...

Love that Donald Duck, but Chip and Dale are my favs. Your kids are adorable just like their Mommy...glad you had a great adventure.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for participating in the postcard exchange and for the sweet shout out. Finding postcards has been a challenge for many of the people participating, so some decided to make their own.
Love you photos from Disney World. I too, have always been a Donald fan!

Have a wonderful Easter, my friend.