Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My first

She has done so much for me.

She made me a mommy....

She has taught me how to just play even though there may be work to be done.

She has taught me that even though they may get hurt, I have to let them go. But I will always be there to catch them.

She has brought much joy to me....

....and her handsome daddy.

She is growing so fast. This year she can't wait to drive.

I told her "Sweet Pea, the Barbie car is yours. You can drive it anytime!"

I am not sure that is quite what she meant though.....

Happy 14th Birthday Brianna!

Love, Mom, Dad, Jeffrey and Syrina


Mom's Coffee Time said...

Beautiful daughter!! Those pictures would be great as drawings :)
Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

Jacqueline said...

Many, many Happy Returns of the day, Brianna.
I wish you the BEST day with lots of special treats that I'm sure your Mum and Dad are going to give you.
I love the picture of her with her Dad, Maggie.
Enjoy the day, all of you. XXXX

Anonymous said...

Aawww! Happy birthday Brianna! (your right, i'm guessing the Barbie car isn't what she meant :-) )

Donatella said...

Happy birthday Brianna!!and in two more years you will be driving a real car fun for you but not your parents lol ...My daughter just started driving 3 months ago and I have major anxiety hoping it will get better soon! injoy! time goes by so fast

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to your girl!


Julie Johnson said...

Happy birthday to your sweet "little" girl...it goes so fast doesn't it? I love the walk down memory lane!

from my front porch... said...

Oh, she is so pretty! Happy Birthday, Brianna!

xo, misha

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Happy Birthday to your baby!
Yes, the Barbie car is just fine for now.
Have fun!


Lori said...

Oh what a happy day!! Happy Birthday Brianna ~ try and not to grow up too quickly!

Cindy said...

This is soooo belated, but Happy Birthday Brianna! You're are wicked lucky to have that thar Barbie car. Seriously, when you're ready to sell....think of me down here in Fort Wayne.