Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Intentions

I had good intentions yesterday. I was going to get so much accomplished! My new diet was starting to kick in and I had lots of energy. I had on my cleaning jammies. Don't look at me like that. EVERYONE has cleaning jammies don't they?! I got painting jammies too. I just thought that everyone did.....

Anyways, I hitched up my big girl jammies and walked into the girls room like I meant business. I guess I should of been watching where I was walking. I slipped on a book laying on the floor. I know, something out of place and on the floor in a kids room???? GASP! Go ahead pull your shocked eyes out of your butt trunk. I almost recovered. Not very gracefully mind you but maybe a 6 for creativity. Then I met him...

Mr Turtle Scooter. Yes, he is on wheels. Stepped right on him and the next thing I knew I was on my back with my eyes slammed shut so my eyeballs wouldn't pop out with a 3 year old telling me when all the "bad words" were coming out. When I did manage to open my eyes I saw this....

Okay, so this was taken from a standing position, not the writhing on the floor in pain position. Yup, another light that needs to be replaced. I am sure that in the 70's these were all the rage. While I do like the vintage look, I hate these lights. They were all over in here. Whoever redid the house must have gotten a deal on them. So, there is something else to add to the list. Yippee!

Not much got done in here to say the least. You can kinda see the furniture though.

The shelves are in here temporarily til I figure out how many shelves I really do need. I also went through the toy box and gathered a garbage bag full to go down to Grandma's. Now to just sneak it past the bitty one.

Speaking of bitty one...

Doesn't she look cute in her jammies? I love those jammies. See the big ones outfit? She wore that to school today. Nothing wrong with it right? I just sat there and laughed when she left this morning. See, this week is Spirit Week at her school. The theme was "Wacky Day" yesterday. You were supposed to wear your wackiest most mismatched outfit today. I told here that she could basically come down in anything. Usually I have to send her back up cause the outfit she wants to wear is totally off the wall. Pink camoflage pants with a green frilly button up shirt was the newest concoction she had cooked up. Today was the only day that she came down perfectly coordinated. Go figure! I asked her if that was the craziest thing she could come up with and she replied "I'm wearing orange earrings with it!" Oh.... The hat came as an afterthought to match the earrings.



Dar said...

I just love this entry. Not that you took a header., sorry bout that and hope your bum feels better. But the kids. I love seeing their imagination. I know you have to send them back for re-dressing sometimes but, at least it is harmless expression. I love that she usually goes out all mismatched and chose Wacky Day to be coordinated...who knew...I love it. She reminds me of days gone by when my kids did the same.
Have a great weekend...make some memories

Beth said...

Of course we all have cleaning jammies, painting jammies, and around here we have jammies you wear to drop off your kids at school or go to Walmart! Sorry about your fall.

Cindy said...

I have all kinds of jammies for different tasks too. I think it's weird if someone doesn't.

You are such a crack up. You should write a book. Seriously.

And yeah, the light fixture need to go in a serious way. It's like the low-confidence, flat-chested sister of Miss Boobalicious in your bedroom.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

OMG! Hope you aren't too sore today. Sorry to here about the fall.

Jammies...oh yeh! Don't we all?

You are too funny, ditto on the book idea!

Brenda said...

I hope you are feeling ok today!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I know we haven't met before, but I think I should tell you that, NO we DON'T all have cleaning jammies and painting jammies--we just do everything in sleeping jammies! I NEVER thought to have separate jammies for separate tasks! You are on to something fantastic here!
How chic!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Okay, I have my cleaning jammies- I love them, but I didn't get the painting jammies memo. Did you get the cooking jammie one? When I have a big party, I get up early and cook in my jammies with insane amounts of coffee.

Your daughters are adorable. I love the big one's pose, so much attitude! And bitty one- oh, I could eat her up! So adorable.

By the way we ride Mr. Turtle he is not a skateboard! Hope your body and ego aren't too bruised!

As always, such a great post!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Maggie,
So sorry that you came a cropper but, at least it drew your attention to your light fittings !!
Your girls look so lovely. Your eldest daughter looks great and the bitty one looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth !! .... so cute in her jammies. Can we have pictures of you in your various jammies ? I think that we would all love to see your different ones. You want to see me when I'm painting, cleaning etc. It's not a pretty sight !! XXXX