Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The "GRRRRRRR" Project

That is what I am calling it. It was a real PITA to do and yet seemed so simple! See.... I had this "queen" vintage coverlet that I bought last year when I got my bed. If I had not been so giddy that I got my bed, I would of realized that it was not a queen. It was only $25.00 though and very pretty.

Here it is in all it's glory on my foyer floor. You can't see too well in the pictures but it has a medallion in the center with a flower white on white print on the edge. So now to turn it into a duvet cover.

And matching pillow shams.

And I forgot to take pictures.

So through the wonder of bloggyville....

Here it is with a half naked kid on my bed. Are you beginning to realize what a challenge it is to keep this kid dressed?

Oh.... you want a closer look?

I basically cut out the medallion and sewed it to a queen size sheet that was bigger than my comforter. Then I made strips of the edging and quilt pieced a border. Then I used a king size sheet for the back with an envelope opening. Sounds easy, but there was lots of figuring....

LOTS of taking out what I had just sewn. Lots of throwing it in a corner and telling it I hated it. Then came almost having it done just to run out of bobbin!

You can kinda see the flower pattern on the shams. 3" of sewing left to do on the sham is where I ran out of bobbin. Seeing a grown woman cry is not a pretty thing!

I also moved some furniture around and added my ugly lamp.

The lamp has a funny kinda story. My husband was working out in the garage at our old house. I went out to give him a cup of coffee and he was using this lamp base for light under the truck! A couple days later it "disappeared" and in it's place was 2 worklights. I don't know what happened. The shade was long missing. I had this frame from my dad and had seen a lampshade covered in rose petals in a magazine. I loved it so I copied it and voila!

....the ugly lamp was born! My husband likes the room so far, but was surprised to see the ugly lamp in here. I think I want to redo the shade. Maybe tea stained petals with cabbage roses? It definitely is a bit of the unexpected!

The new freebie dresser that will definitely be getting a makeover in the spring if not sooner. A new color and some silver jewelry and I think she will be gorgeous! The mirror is from the girls room since there is no place for it. It is going to get a new coat of paint. If you look up.... will see my "boob" light. As soon as I thought of it like that, I can't keep it in my room. When I was scrounging around in the basement though, I found a treasure! A light fixture that I bought over 10 years ago and have never used. So as soon as that boy of mine gets home from school today, he is helping mom swap out the boob light.

For now, it is back to retackling the girls room. They have been doing a bit of "redecorating", not quite what I had in mind though.....


Thank you everyone for all your well wishes! She seems to be getting better bit by bit. Right now we are dealing with ICU Psychosis. She has been in the ICU too long. Hopefully she will be moved soon to a room though! Yesterday she was begging for food. She asked the nurse if she would call the doctor and ask him if she could have half a sandwich please. Poor thing! She is not too happy with the liquid diet they have started her off on.

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Mom's Coffee Time said...

Very beautiful! Lovely style of things, I enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing!! ~Amy

Jacqueline said...

Oooo , Maggie,
I love your bedroom and what you have done in there with the bedlinen. There is now just the question of getting your little wriggly half naked daughter out of it !! I love her. She is always up to something.
Oh, and your light fitting certainly looks like one half of a well-endowed chest ! I like it but, I can see why you want to get rid of it since you thought it looked like a boob.
I am looking forward to seeing just what you replace it with Maggie.
Hope that your MIL gets something to eat soon and her recovery is swift. XXXX

Julie Johnson said...

Wish I could do a liquid diet for her..I could use one right now! I'm glad she's feeling spunky enough to ask for solids..that's a great sign!

Your room is coming along...feels great doesn't it!

kiakai/Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

What a cool idea using that old piece. I had to laugh about the boob light. We had 2 of those in our old house. I told my husband they looked like 2 boobs hanging from the ceiling. Then I saw someone say the same thing... and now you. I guess they look like that to lots of people. Too funny!! And another thing, I love lamp shades with flowers of any kind glued onto them. Yours is gorgeous in the red!!

Cindy said...

I know the trama of sewing duvets. I've sewn and re-sewn 4 billion jillion of them. HATE. But I'm too cheap to buy new, so what'd ya gonna do?

Your room is looking heavenly, even with boobs hanging from the ceiling. At least it's perky, KWIM?

Embellished Bayou said...

Sorry your sewing project was so frustrating, but it was worth it! Everything looks lovely.

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I couldnt even imagine taking on a sewing project like that! Your determination paid off, it looks great! And it was fun to read. Can't wait to see what you replace the boob with.

Rachelle said...

So pretty! :) You've got some talent girlfriend!

My kids don't keep their clothes on either :)


Mama Thompson said...

So many fun things! My husband refers to all of those types of light fixtures as boob lights...he hates them all...I just laugh at him, but totally understand.