Monday, January 3, 2011

In With The New, Out With The Old!

I can't believe another year is over! I hope that everyone enjoyed the holidays. Even with all the chaos they bring, I wouldn't trade them for anything! Now, you know the drill, go pee, get a cup of coffee, feed the dog, anything pending cause it's gonna be a long one!

First, guess what I got for Christmas?!

Boy, you would of thought that atleast I could of done something better with my hair. Maybe color those roots atleast..... Yes bloggy buddies, Mama got a new camera! A Canon EOS Rebel t2i and.... a zoom lens too! I'm still playing with it. I'll get better though.... promise!

As for Christmas.... it came....

.... made a complete.....

....mess and left too quickly. It's amazing that everything was cleaned up for dinner and family coming over later!

We got tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the 30th for a gift.

They were so nice.... allow the crazy lady....

....with the new camera....

....onstage to take pics.

Okay.... so they didn't really. We were in the 6th row and I used my zoom lens. I took tons of pics though and won't bore you with all 1623 of them!

Then was New Years Eve.... and....

....can you believe the bitty one is 4 now?! Yup! 4! I can't believe where the time has gone. One minute we were bringing her home from the hospital and the next she is turning 4. Yeesh!

My husband brought home his newest mount. Our great guard dog is scared silly of it though.

She's so crazy! Who would be afraid of this?

Oh! Remember the Fantabulous Basement Challenge?! I haven't given up on it.

The floor is visible.

You can see my partner in crime. Now, I have more stuff to go through and sort out. It did make Christmas easier. I didn't have to buy paper, bows or ribbon this year. After I found all that I had squirreled away, I had more than enough for this year. It's so nice having it all in one place!

It does seem that I can't get all the junk out of here as fast as I have been sorting it out. You won't believe what we have in store for here. I am so excited about it. For right now though, it is a secret!

Actually we have quite a few BIG changes planned for the White Farmhouse.

As for now.... isn't time for a nap. Time to get back to work!


Theresa said...

YAY a new camera! I like mine fine and all but yours is the one I want! Do I sound like a 3 year old or what? Duane and I saw TSO twice now and I would go every year if it was possible! They are amazing! 6th row, you had great seats too! LUcky girl... it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, have a fabulous new year! Theresa xoxo

Southern Lady said...

Congrats on the new camera! It sounds as if you all had a great Christmas. Happy New Year. Carla

Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said...

Your camera takes great pics! I'm so jealous . . . I'm in desperate need of a camera to take my blog to the next level! Happy New Year. Can't wait to see what you'll do with the basement -- we have a similar basement on our hands!

Lori said...

Maggie ~ yeah for your new camera!! So good to hear and see that you survived the holidays. I will look forward to seeing and hearing all about your plans for the basement. Hugs & Love to you sweetie. xo

Julie Johnson said...

Yippee! Love the pics with the new camera! I'm digging myself out of Christmas by room. What a mess..this will take a few days!

Michael - Innkeeper said...

Oooo!!! congrats on the camera!! yay!

i actually got myself a new camera for christmas too! i got the t1i... and i'm LOVING it!

i think the folks at canon tuck a little magic into the thing! it's great!

Dar said...

Well now, have an absolute blast with that fantabulous And the concert, you go nuts with that zoom lens. Your baby is 4, another milestone, and look at those sleepy eyes in your last pic. I love it.
Have fun with that basement, it's such a chore doing any kind of major cleaning and rearranging.

Southern Fried Gal said...

Yay for you and the camera! Girl don't blink that baby will be about to turn 7. Fun pictures! Good luck on the basement. Happy New Year!

Proper Prim said...

Yahoo you got a new camera, finally now we expect great things from you. You are going to love daughter got one of those for Christmas and she loves it... I got her old one, the step down and I am thrilled.

I can't believe your little one is 4 already... oh how quickly they grow up. She is such a little doll.

Glad you had a great Christmas Maggie and I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what the big plan is for the basement, I bet it is something wonderful.

Have a great week...

Hugs, Deb

Dragonfly Treasure said...

YAY A new camera!!! Lucky girl!
4! yes, they do grow fast...don't blink!
Excited to see what's in store for the basement. Uh, can't blame Sheba for being afraid of that Zebra! She may think her head is next!! LOL

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

YOu will love your camera, dear Maggie! That is the same one as I have!!!! I expect wonderful things from you.
Oh, happy birthday bitty one! Give her a hug. 4 years old! She looks adorable... especially her sleepy eyed picture.
I'm back in the basement too!
xo Yvonne

Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by, Maggie. Your stuffed shell recipe sounds delicious too. I'll definitely have to give it a try. You captured some great photos with your new camera! Curious about the zebra - did your hubby go on a safari? Amazing!
blessings, Beth

ButterYum said...

Love TSO - I listened to one of their Christmas CDs constantly throughout December!

Thanks for your funny comment this morning - no crystal muffin liners here, but what a great idea ;). The stand I photographed my muffin on is actually the foot of an upside down goblet.

Take care,

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Happy Birthday to your bitty one! Ours will be 5 in the spring, can't believe that!

So jealous of your new camera! Your pictures turned out awesome at the concert! I'm hoping to get a big girl camera for my b-day. how do you like it?