Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doesn't Everyone Have A Wrestling Mat In Their Basement?!

We have made some progress in the basement. We are moving as slow as a herd of turtles, but that means we are doing it right right?! Right! Enough of the rights onto the stuff.

We are starting to get some of the stuff out of here. I can actually not only see the floor, I even swept the floor. Which reminded me, when this gets done I have added onto areas of the house I have to keep clean. I may like it the other way better. You can see in the corner of this room where they repaired the wall. Don't know why, but it is poured concrete and not the stone. I even found my table that I cherish and adore. You see it in the pic? Yes it is the one with the garbage bag full of garbage on it. I really take care of the stuff that I cherish and adore don't I?

Do you want to hear the story of the table? Well too bad, I am going to tell you anyways. You see my dad is a professional diver. Not the high diver variety, the dumpster diver variety. Ok, so it is not an Olympic sport but we are proud of how he excells in his area of expertise. Anyways, he found this table in the garbage. His wife didn't want it, but I said I wanted it. We brought it home and Jeff refinished it for me. He put the beautiful rosewood finish and urethaned it all for me. Cause I am spoiled and nothing but the best for my dumpster retrievals. So.... once she seen it all "gussied up" she wanted it back. I kept it cause I am mean and a hoarder. In one of the drawers it has a stamp that says OxBow Tables. I tried to find the company online, but no luck.

Ok, I am done with my dumpster diving dad's great table find. Onto the bohemuth bookcase.

It took Jeff and his buddy to move it from his mom's house to our house and into said house. They put it in the living room but we just didn't like it there. We really wanted it in the basement but after getting it here didn't think it would go. Thankfully we waited til after his buddy left to attempt to move it into the basement. We had to take off doors, trim around the back door, remove a post by the stairs.... I swear this thing weighs a ton! My father-in-law built it in 11th grade for his mom. He built it really solid but I wish he had made it out of styrofoam. It might have been midnight, but we got it down there and down there it will stay. When we sell it we are going to state "Cute and cozy Farmhouse (real estate speak for small and tiny) with bohemuth bookcase in basement."

As for the comment about the wrestling mat?! You probably are wondering what the heck I was talking about. Well.... we were trying to figure out what type of floor to put in here. It's a cement floor. Gotta say it like the Beverly Hillbillies too. CEE-MINT. Anyways, we also have clutzy kids. They definitely get that from their mother. Poor things should walk around in helmets to prevent further injuries. We thought about the flooring that is foam and looks like puzzle pieces but I knew they would end up taking apart the floor to beat each other with. The boy child is into wrestling. This year he is on the team.

Here he is in his wresting singlet. Want to drive a boy crazy? Call his singlet a leotard and practice rehearsal. Heeheehee. Yes it is the little things that I do to drive my kids crazy that make my day. You want to know what is really crazy though? I picked the above pictured boy up at rehearsal (heehee) the other day. He says "it's weird wearing wet underwear under my jeans". Ok, so he had me. I had to know why the undies were wet. Did he really sweat that much? Nope, he SHOWERED IN HIS UNDERWEAR! Why?! Cause Mr Modest didn't want to get naked in front of all the OTHER naked boys.

Anyways back to why we have a wrestling mat in the basement. I'm like a turkey, I can get distracted so easy. We figured that since the kids like to rough house and the basement is going to be set up partly for them it made sense. He can wrestle with his buddies down there, play video games, shower in his underwear. Whatever it is that boys do.

The mat is 3" of foam with a vinyl top. Does that make sense? It's supposedly easy to clean and in 2 pieces. We are planning on painting the floor to make it look a bit nicer. The computer hutch is going into the other room with my table.

For right now, I have a bohemuth bookcase to fill!

I am so happy that all of you love Yvonne as much as I do. I called her last night just as she was pushing the publish button on her post. I do so hope that she has a restful break and hurries back. I can't do without my daily Yvonne fix!


Suzan said...

You have stone basement walls like mine! I am curious if you have any suggestions for that "cellar" smell? I hate going down there. My staircase down is very narrow and that alone is scary. Add on top of that the spiders, low ceiling (with big hand hewn beams) and that funky smell...creepy time!

Julie Johnson said...

Oh Maggie, I'm so glad you;re back in blogland. You too are so real...and that is what I love about your little world. Thank you for your sweet comments..always. Glad we've found each other in cyberspace!
Wow...that is a massive bookcase. Must have burned a few calories hauling it down the stairs. You could create quite a little peaceful nook in that corner. Have you seen the country living this Fall (I think?) where the woman has her dining room in the's like a wine cellar look? You could fill that bookcase with treasures and books, make a funky chandelier, add that table, and have a little place of happy...away from the crew! Ok, maybe not too far away from the cute boy in his leotard. :) Hysterical story about the underwear by the way. Everyday I'm thankful I'm not in Middle school again!

Ellen said...

You are sooo funny "Lucy"! I had many laughs reading this one, Girl!! maybe it's 'cause i can relate, hummm? Anywhooy, I got my fabric at none other than Hobby Lobby. Shocking I know. The tan "twall" was actually less than the black or red,,, yeah!!! Soooo looking forward to see what other like addictions you have to mine, really!!


Southern Lady said...

I don't think a wrestling mat in a basement is strange at all. We have a gymnastic mat and an octagon in our play room! Carla

Lori said...

Your posts always bring a smile to my face and like Julie ~ I am so glad that you are back even if it does take me a day or so to get around to read and comment on your posts. What a great bookcase ~ I can see it in my craft room which I hope to purge this week-end ~ wish me luck. Cute about your modest boy ~ maybe you should pack him an extra pair of undies along with his leotard!! xo

Jacqueline said...

I did not know that they were called singlets!!! How funny, I love the leotard comment. That is one smart boy, showering in his underwear. Now send him with a ziplog baggie and a fresh pair and he can still be modest and have dry undies to come home in. I am going to be laughing about this one for a long time.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi Maggie~How cute about the wresting singlet! Love it about the shower too- so cute! This is a darling post! Thanks for stopping by over at French Nest Market and leaving the comments about those beautiful plates you blogged about- I am going to check out Marshalls for sure and take a look at the Paris ones too. I don't know if you stopped by my other blog- French Country Cottage- I post there much more and host a linky party on the weekends :)

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Boys! LOL Too cute. Singlet huh? Never knew they were called that either. Ah the basement. We had one in Kodiak, miss all that extra room...but as soon as the divorce is final and am able to get all of his crap outta here...more room....redecorating (with what I have of course, we'll be on a shoestring)Wish I could just blink and have all this behind us.

Sweet Annie (Artemisia Annua) is used in primitive crafts as filler for bowls,arrangements, wreaths, etc wherever you need a little extra "prim". It keeps it sweet smell once dry.


Tracey said...

I love it...wrestling mat for flooring, very creative and a darn good solution!!! We put extra padding in when we had carpet layed in our basement because that darn concrete floor is definitely a bit of a problem.

Have a great weekend!

:) T

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