Monday, January 10, 2011

I Tried To Be A Good Girl....

....but it is so hard and boring. I really did try though. I had plans to spend the whole weekend doing taxes. *Yawn*. I took the bitty one to preschool on Friday and tried to get settled down to work.

I know it is an extravagant office. Admit it, you are jealous. See how hard I was working too? My blog is up on the one puter. I have to tell you though, these are the most comfortable chairs to sit in for 16 hours doing puter work too.

NOT! My buttocks almost went on strike when I even thought of sitting here for any length of time. These chairs are like some early farmhouse torture contraption. Have you ever had your butt go numb from sitting in a chair? I never had and I do have to say it is an odd feeling. So it was to the couch with my big bad sore buttocks. Yeah, I'll get alot of work done there. I was trying to get in the spirit of things, til I spied this.

Aren't those about the ugliest feet you have ever seen? I mean, not that feet are pretty. Those poor ugly misshapen toes. I do love my new jammies though. I got enough jammies for Christmas that I never have to get dressed in real clothes again for like 2 weeks. As long as I stay caught up on the laundry, I wouldn't ever never have to get dressed again. Well.... maybe for special occasions like weddings or funerals. As you can see, I was getting alot of work done while contemplating my ugly feet and comfy jammies.

Then, I needed coffee and to pee. Seems like peeing and filling up my coffee cup go hand in hand. When one is empty, the other is full. It can be a real inconvenience when I am working so hard too.

Why is it that 5 people live in this house and I am the only one that can tell when the garbage needs to be taken out? I mean, isn't all the crap overflowing onto the floor a hint? It is rather resourceful how they shoved the can against the wall so they could pile more on top without it flowing onto the floor. Now though, it is past that point and yet it still is here. Guess I should take care of that....

Which also leads to this. Is there a invisible force field around the basket preventing clothes from getting into the basket? This one is very baffling. The clothes will get brought in here and just thrown on the floor in front of the basket. I know that they do have to bend over and actually pull out the basket, put the clothes in and then push it back in. I think I just ask too much of them and should really lay off.

Here is another little conundrum. We do have hand towels. We do use hand towels. Maybe they are just thrown in front of the dirty clothes hamper pretending like they are being used though?! Cause this cute little curtain that I hung to hide all the junk on the shelves in the bathroom looks like it has been used as a hand towel. I can wash it and a couple days later, it is dirty again. Does it just breed dirt? Never fear though, I have iron out now!

Here is another one that I don't understand while we are on the subject.

"Moooooom! There's nothing to eat!" Really?! Are you serious? I can't cram any more in here and yet, there is NOTHING to eat. I would think that maybe I should get their eyes checked, but they just had that done. They really don't even have to cook either, just heat. Or is that too much? Maybe instead of storing leftovers in containers I should wrap it up on plates to make it easier for them.

Here is another baffling mystery of the farmhouse.

Actually this is not too bad. It has gotten so bad that they will step over the junk on the stairs to go up. It's all their stuff that needs to go up to their rooms, but it never makes it up there. I have asked them how they can walk past it, walk over and not think to take it up. Iuhhohh.... that is caveman for I don't know in case you don't speak caveman. My kids do it frequently so I am quite an expert in interpretting it.

Out of all this do you know what is really awesome? Besides the fact that I totally avoided the taxes? The fact that I whined and cried about NEEDING a new camera, got a new camera and used said new camera to document to the blogworld what slobs we are!! Won't my hubby be proud?!

I was fully supervised this weekend so I did get some work done on the taxes you will be glad to know. I do better being closely supervised. Maybe it is just that when I am asked to do something I can get out of it by saying that I am working on something?

I do have another pic though for you. I know that you are on the edge of your seat waiting for it too.

I know, I know, you are probably sick of hearing about them. Here are my 2 new best friends. Don't I lead a full life that my best friends are cleaning products? I thought that I would post pics of the bottles though. Sometimes it makes it easier to look for something when you know what you are looking for. I have found them everywhere except for Walgreens. Meijers, Walmart, Target and Kroger carry them.

Ok, now I will shut up about them. They really do work though. I have even tried them on a few other things too. But enough of that.

I have to get back to my taxes and ugly feet.

I know this is an old post, but I am linking it up to Decor Chick's Real Messes Linky Party! This is about the only linky party I can participate in right now. Thanks Deborah for the suggestion!


Southern Lady said...

My house is just like yours!!!! What would our families do if we went on strike?? Carla

jennie w. said...

Nice to know my house isn't the only one that looks just like that.

cindy @ cottage instincts said...

Kindred spirit you are. Thanks for the giggles! At least your toenails are painted :)

Proper Prim said...

Maggie you are just too funny... thanks for my morning chuckle. I HAD a husband that did that with the hamper, I stopped washing his clothes unless they were in the hamper... fixed that problem when he was wanting his favourite jeans and they were still sitting on the floor where he left them.

Love the jammies, I live in mine too, I wish I could wear them to work but they absolutely refuse to comply to my wants.

Have a great day.

Hugs, Deb

Jacqueline said...

Hi Maggie,
I LOVE this post. Our children have left home now but that's just how our house used to look !!!! Mind you, I do miss them even though we see them a lot. Do you get the empty toilet roll, or is it a British thing ?
Keep mentioning the cleaning never know, you might get some freebies !!...... by the way, I love yur nail varnish. XXXX

Lori said...

I love it when you just put it out there! If I did not have to get dressed to go to work every day I would be in my jammies all the time! I cannot wait for you to take another break from your taxes. xo

Only Prettier said...

i love thispost! Perfect~~~~~

Anonymous said...


Thanks for keeping it real and making me smile through your entire post. Know that you are NOT alone on any front.

I think you should link this post up:

Your Friend,

Pam said...

You cracked me up with your realism and honesty, Maggie. I love your blog! Thanks for my morning smile :)


Theresa said...

OMG...I miss Meijer's....and the trash and laundry, I can relate. It's amazing to me that a toilet paper tube can remain on the floor next to the garbage can for a WHOLE WEEK before I explode and tell someone to pick it up. sigh....

Theresa said...

I just read your profile...being from Michigan and having a Great Moose myself, I think I just might have to follow your adventures...cheers!

Paula Montalvo said...

Oh My Goodness........the laundry basket is KILLING me! My kids do the EXACT same thing. It makes me laugh while looking at and reading YOUR blog.....but when it happens here, it makes me so flippin angry! LOL Thanks for sharing and letting me know..........It's NOT just my kids!

Lori said...

I love the overflowing waste basket! Isn't it amazing how you're the only one who see's it? In my house, I'm the only one who changes the empty TP roll. Thanks for sharing! Stop by and see my mess when you have the chance.
I'm a new follower!!

Lori : )
Thrifty Decor Mom

Decorchick! said...

Ha, love it Maggie!! I hear the exact same thing about food and laundry. Ugghhh! And yep, I bet if pre-made plates were in the fridge they would get heated up. lol. Thanks so much for linking up today!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Boy, I sure can relate...and that's with just a husband and a dog! lol.

The Teacher's Wife said...

Ugh! I think Mom's are the ONLY ones that can do some of those things. Great post - reminded me of "if you give a mouse a cookie..."

AtOneWithHim said...

Your post made me smile. First because I noticed your kiddos ages... mine are now 23, 21, and 14. Everyone always thinks our baby was an oops! But actually he was the only one we planned..anyway. Isn't it amazing how much kids are the same even though we probably have a lot of differences in the day to day raising of them? The trash, laundry and food? It's too weird. Sometimes I will leave something obvious on the floor just to see how long it will take for someone to notice it... it's a fun game I play and I am the only participant. Good times. Shheeesh I need a life.
Actually I only have the 14 year old at home. Luckily for me he is way cleaner than his sisters were.

Thanks for sharing and letting me vent.

AtOneWithHim said...

and my oldest is Brianah!! Thats it.. bye