Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prolly the mostest unChristmasy post in blogland!

I couldn't wait though. See.... I thought I had killed the dishwasher that I had just gotten replaced last May. I called the repairman and he was very nice when he told me "if you hold this button for 3 seconds the child lock goes off and it will work". Yes, all weekend spent handwashing dishes just for him to come out and politely tell me I am an idiot.


I did get to pump him for info. I felt he owed the idiot that much with such an easy repair. We have well water. I am a city girl. I know nothing about well water. Hence, everything that we own that touches our water is orange. No matter how much freaking bleach you use, still comes out orange. I did find out about Works a few years ago and use that on just about everything. I have found out though that Works is not the answer to everything. Did you know it will melt a brillo pad? Yup it will....

So I showed him the inside of my dishwasher and my "I have to have white dishes that my water has turned orange". It's so bad that I have to use Works on my dishes about once every 2 weeks. I also showed him the 8,973rd product that I had bought and not tried yet that promised to get not only my dishes sparkling clean, but my dishwasher as well. He told me that it would help. Help?! I don't want it to "help", I want it to do the work for me so I can sit on the couch eating chocolate covered cherries watching Christmas shows. He told me how to use it and I paid as close attention to him as I could inbetween munching on candy canes. The instructions are on the bottle.

So let us fast forward to after I followed the directions and opened the dishwasher.... Holy Crap! That stuff really works! I almost dropped my ginormous gingerbread man I was decapitating. It was sparkling clean! So sparkling clean that I actually cleaned all the dishes, even the good ones we never use.

Thankfully, they were nice enough to call back the next day to make sure the idiot was pleased. I told her how wonderful he was to suggest Lemon Shine even though I had gotten it 3 days before he came out. I gave him the credit cause who would believe the idiot who didn't know the child lock was engaged on her dishwasher and spent all weekend hand washing dishes. I asked her what to do about my white laundry that is orange now.

She told me to use Iron out and soak them overnight in it and then wash. Okay, soak I can do. As long as there is no hand washing involved. She also told me to not use bleach since that will not help with rust, but to get some Borax for stains. I was even still on the phone with her when I jumped in my car to go to the store to get Iron Out and Borax. You know what?! That stuff works too! Our clothes actually look like I did wash them. No more orange clothes for us!

So now I am off to the store in my pearly white whites to fetch some vittles to put on my super clean white dishes. I am trying to figure out a reason to call them back to find out how to get stains out of my living room carpet.

Wish me luck!


lala said...

Oh my gosh - I have the same problem - IRON from my well water!!! I even have orange staining on my house where the sprinkler hits, and my toilet bowls and white tiled showers get orange too. I definitely will try the Borax for my clothes. Thanks so much for the info.

Jacqueline said...

WOW Maggie,
Between the repairman and the lady on the phone, you managed to iron out (haha) a lot of problems. Now, if only we had Works and Lemon Shine here in the UK....we have Borax !! I don't get orange clothes but maybe it will get the red wine stains out !! XXXX

Southern Lady said...

You are so funny. We had the same problem at our last house. We bought an expensive salt water system that helped. At this house we are also on well water and have a water system. We still have rings on our toilets. What's a country girl to do???? Carla

Anonymous said...


I use iron out in my washing machine, dishwasher, bath tubs, showers and toilets. Glad someone on the other end of the phone was able to help you. Every once in a while you get a service rep who can actually think outside the box and doesn't care about deviations or stats. Whenever I get them on the phone I always ask for a name or agent number and the name/address of their manager. I then sit down and write a letter of praise.

Thank you for your comments regarding my loss. They are deeply appreciated.

Your Friend,

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

As usual I am laughing my fool head off! You make even the most pesky problems a laugh riot! So glad to hear you are white and shiny!
I am going to bed now... having had my good laugh for the day.
So glad you are back in my life!
xo Yvonne

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Yipppeeee!! I know how you feel!! I started using Lemon Shine about 6mos agao...where has it been all my life!!???? Who knew Walmart carried it (but is usually out, so when I see it I buy all they have!)
AND I just started using 20 Mule Team Borax yesterday! On everything, toilets too..hey it says to on the box! LOL Love it so far!
No well water here just the hardest water that you can drive a nail with. We get the icky white coating on dishes and clothes.....hmm icky white or orange. You win!
Have a great weekend!! Missed you...where does the time go!

Theresa said...

your so funny! I love how you tell a story, makes me want to be there decapitating gingerbread men heads with you! Thanks for the funny comment, yeah it would be great if that were the case with all men! Nice to see you on here, I've missed you! Theresa xoxo

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Glad to see you back! I remember the orange water stains back from when I was growing up in Michigan. We had well water too. I remember orange stained bath tubs and rust stains on my clothes. It was terrible! Glad you found something to help.

Lori said...

I don't know why I keep missing your posts but last week was a bit crazy here. You always make me laugh Maggie and I will keep looking for more of your adventures ~ Christmassy or not I miss you when you are gone! xo

Curtains In My Tree said...

This post is most helpful.

I had forgot about Borax for clothing. Never heard of Iron Out or the other stuff lemon shine so I am going to try that out.

Good post thanks


Happy New Year

Sunny simple life said...

Your writing is so funny and yet touching too (about your cousin). Enjoyed me visit to your blog.