Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Window Topper

I know most of you have seen my bathroom window.

Love the shutters, but it needed something. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and suggestions. I appreciate ALL of them! I thought and thought and thought about it. Today is one of those days when it is annoying to have it in the week. My wonderful husband gave me a gift certificate for 6 HOURS AT THE SPA! Unfortunately, it is tomorrow. So I gotta get through today til heaven tomorrow.

Anywho, I was rummaging around for something here, since I don't feel like getting out of my pj's, for this window.

I found this....

I still like these sheers. When I first saw them I went nuts running to every store in the state if I had to to get enough for the living room and foyer windows. 12 panels total. It took me 5 stores, but I did find them. I think they stayed up for 6 mos then I got bored with them and took them down. I did put some of them back up in the foyer though. I got lots extra and I am planning on new window treatments for the living room and foyer.

There I go again getting off track.

I like the sheerness of the fabric and the viney embroidery on them and the curvy hem. So I measured and cut one to fit saving the hem detail.

I basically just hacked them off with my rotary cutter. I sewed a 2" casing at the top. Now for a rod. I wanted to hang them from rings on a pretty rod but the idea of going out to get one was too much. Too cold, I'd have to take the lil girl, and I would definitely have to get dressed. If Handy Manny can use a horseshoe for a gate latch in a pinch I could come up with something.

To the ribbon stash! Dang it, no white ribbon! But for some strange reason I do have 8 packages of hem tape. Hem tape is kinda silky.... Hem tape it is. No curtain rod though. Again for some reason unbeknownst to me, I do have a package of 50 cup rings never opened! Who knows what I was going to do with those but since I can't remember now those will work.

I predrilled holes in the top of the window casing and screwed in some cup hooks. I made loops of the hem tape and sewed them on.

So what do you think?


Lori said...

very pretty! isn't it great to be able to create something with things you have around the house!

Cindy said...

Ok, I'll come up with something to post tomorrow....great idea as i was just 'shopping' around my house trying to fill a new shelfy thing I made hubby hang up for me. Got your message about the soap and will check my stash and get back at cha with some suggestions. :o)

blushing rose said...

I LOVE them & the way you have draped it back over itself. Have a beautiful day. TTFN ~ Marydon

Sammy Girl said...

Hey, Maggie ...
Think I troll the house for "do at home with stuff at home" project later. If I don't get sidetracked, I'll be back!
Betty :)