Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to fit....

10lbs of crap in a 5lb bag! Yeah, I was cleaning the girls room today. Projects weren't going as planned. I wanted to tile the bathroom but had to go and get the tile. The small girl was not going for it though.

So, I cleaned.

We've done alot on this room. When we first moved in it was just the big girl. She picked out that room cause she can see grandma's house from her window. Yes, my MIL lives 7 houses down from us. We painted the room Pepto Bismol pink. Dad and her picked out the color. I painted. Then came her sister. Right before I moved her in the room I repainted it as a consolation for the big girl. She wanted pink, white and purple stripes. Never did the ceiling though.

When we were getting ready to rip out the carpet 6 mos later, I decided to paint the ceiling. I had to run to the store and the wee one got into the paint and splattered little handprints up all over as far as she could reach. I thought the big one would be upset, she just shrugged and said "I didn't really like it after it was done".


So.... I painted again.

She went with this dark beigy color. If she thinks that it is going to hide the dirt, she is sadly mistaken though. I found it! I love this mirror. I got it for 10.00. The room is only 9x15. Not a big room for 2 girls. Can you guess what the big one is nuts for?

They are all over! Her underwear drawer was full of them too. No idea where her underwear is though. Scary. Again, it's a laundry thing. They also have new hardwood floors in their room. When you can see them, they are very pretty. The boy came up and said "Wow! Is that what Brianna's floor looks like"?

OMG! Has he tried to walk through his room lately?!

So, my question is this? How does anyone keep a kids room tidy? It drives me crazy. The drawings, the fastfood toys, the stuffed animals.... I swear if anyone buys one of my kids another stuffed animal I will put it where no stuffed animal has gone before!

So my mission this week is to devise a plan to make both girls happy. I need to find a cute dresser to downsize the one that the bitty girl has now. Hers is a nursery dresser and it has a cubby thingy on the side which I used to keep all her blankets in. She only uses one blanket now so it is wasted space. I also need to find us a new dresser so I can swap out the big girl's chest with ours.

I also need to paint a desk for their room. I do love the idea I did to their closet doors....

Chalkboard paint is your friend. Didn't help to keep the wee one from drawing on the walls though. Dang it!

Now to devise a how to keep this room clean plan. All tips are welcome!

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Lori said...

Can you maybe find a basket that fits into the cubby of the existing dresser ~ it would be a great spot for socks and such? Just an idea!