Monday, October 3, 2011

A Whirlwind Weekend!

Oh my goodness! Where did this weekend run off too?! It seems it was gone in a flash! By the time I got a chance to sit down for a minute on Saturday at 10:30 I was whupped! I just went to bed and let the hubby deal with it!

This guy turned the big 13! I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday he was that cute squirmy baby wrapped in blue. He is turning into such a handsome boy, just like his dad! He wanted to have some of his friends over for the day, so that is what we planned. Prebroken foot plans.

They played video games, munched on food and just had a great time! Teenage boys are so funny. They just crack me up the things they find funny. They played WWE Smackdown vs Raw and had a blast making their own characters. If you notice the character on the right hand side of the screen that is a clown in a speedo and high heels. The boy thought he was a genius making that one!

The dog got in on it too! She loved Tristan and just wouldn't leave him alone!

If that wasn't enough to keep me busy.... was Homecoming in Hartland too! I tried to talk my son into "sharing" his party with his sister and having some of her friends over to get ready for the dance. I am so glad he didn't want to! This year she wanted me to do her hair, nails and makeup for her. I am just always amazed at what a gorgeous young lady she is turning out to be!

They are just getting so old!

Atleast I have this little one for a while longer!

Since his friends were over on Saturday, he wanted a special dinner and another cake (he wanted cheesecake for his friends) on Sunday, which is his actual birthday.

All his favorites! Shepherd's Pie and Dirt Cake! Yup, that is the way to my boy's heart!

So that was my relaxing weekend staying off my feet as much as possible. Riiiiight.... I love how doctors will tell you that as if you can just make everything stop cause you aren't supposed to do anything. Um....okay....

I did learn something this weekend!

How pumpkin pies are really made! I found this and it just cracked me up! How funny is that?! How sick is my sense of humor?!


I will be posting week 4 of From The Top Down tomorrow. I managed to get a little bit done. Not a whole lot so don't get too excited!

So until tomorrow! See ya later!


Red Couch Recipes said...

Now we know how pupkin pies are made! Amazing how much you can do with a broken foot (despite what the doctors say! What great looking kids. Joni

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Maggie,
What a wonderful family you have. I'm afraid that they all grow up so fast. I can't believe that you managed, cake, make up etc all with your injury !! Mind you, I should know by now that you wouldn't let a thing like a broken foot stop you !!
Love the pumpkin maker.....very funny !!
Hope your foot is feeling a lot better. XXXX

Barbara F. said...

Maggie, you are my idol, with a broken foot you had a weekend like that! Wow!! I think you daughters look like you a lot!! xo

TexWisGirl said...

your kids are just too darn cute! glad your sweet boy had a good birthday weekend! now, get some rest!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Sounds like a fun full weekend Maggie! Looks like the kids all had a great time! Yea, I always chuckle at that "stay off your feet" thing, I wonder how well they would do with that advice?:@)

Lori said...

It does not look like you sat with your foot up young lady!! The pictures of the kids are precious ~ love the shots. I got my mum at a local garden center and I love that it is ginormous ~ it was either the big one or 4 small ones ~ the big one was cheaper... Thank you for the good thoughts on Donny ~ his surgery was actually today and I will post an update on Wednesday. xo

Jacqueline said...

I saw something like that and thought it was the funniest thing ever - now I have to admit, I think pumpkin pie is like baby food - not high on my list! So of course, I thought that was hysterical.

Your children are so beautiful. They do grow so fast don't they. It seems like they turn 12 and in a blink they are walking out the door to college! Enjoy them while you can.
ps Her hair and makeup look wonderful! Great job.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Fun weekend of special occasions!! That pumpkin pie thing cracks me up!!! LOL! blessings ~ Tanna

bj said...

Ok, Maggie girl...this whole week should find you TAKING IT've done enuf work with a broken foot.
Your kids are adorable..all 3 of them.
Have a good good day...xoxo

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Oh my, my... that was too funny on the pumpkin pie. Let's blame it on the drugs. I'm sure you were taking some for your broken foot, right? Your daughter is beautiful!! Looks like the birthday celebration was a success. You better rest that foot, Girl!! Come on over the creek, I've got a chair for your foot.

Beth said...

Maggie, Your daughter looks stunning! They are all good-looking. They take after their mom! Feel better!

Zane Wooder said...

When the weekends go by fast it means your enjoying yourself. That is a good thing.