Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time For Change

Change is an inevitable circumstance in life. Change occurs on a daily basis. Little changes go unnoticed. You change your plans for the day to accomodate your family. You change appointments and meetings to fit everyone's schedule. It seems these little changes happen atleast a couple times a week. You run out of time to fit everything in. You just roll with the punches though. Put on your big girl pants and take it in stride. They usually are not life changing, just little inconveniences.

Bigger changes are more planned and prepared for or sometimes they can take you by surprise. Sometimes they are for the good, sometimes for the worse. You may get excited, happy, scared or nervous about them. Sometimes they just blindside you and take you by surprise. You try to make the best of the worst situations. How you deal with it depends on how you deal with the change.

According to number astrology you have two numbers. Instead of being a Libra or Sagittarius, you have a life number. You can find this number by adding the month, day and year you were born together until you come up with a single number. I am a 5. A "5" means you can see both sides. You tend to stay neutral, middle of the road. You are easy to get along with. Don't like conflict. You like balance in your life. Kinda strange since I am a Libra according to astrology.

You also have a number which changes on your birthday. According to this number is how your year is going to go. To get this number you add your month, day and the current year together to get a single number. Ironically, my year number is 9. 9 means that from my upcoming birthday to my next birthday is the best time to make changes. Changes that you make in this year supposedly stick and are for the better.

Tomorrow I start my 9 cycle. There have been things happening around here that are going to result in changes, big changes. The first big change is my husband's employment. He's owned his own company for years now. He has given up his company to work for others, but has usually gone back to being self-employed. Lately, he has been miserable owning his own company. Besides things that happen outside of the business, he is just tired. Tired of fighting with customers and employees. Tired of conflict. He was called out of the blue and interviewed for a job. A company he really wants to work for. He's hoping this will resolve alot of issues and make his life alot more enjoyable. It will remain to be seen.

We have decided to have him take this job if they offer it to him. Of course, this decision brings about another change. Moving. From the farmhouse. From Michigan. To....Tennessee! Nashville area to be exact. My mother's side of the family is from here. I have always loved Tennessee. Could be because I have good memories of visiting when I was younger, waaaaay younger! Even though it is exciting to think of getting a new house, I'm sad to be leaving the farmhouse. I love this house. It is small though, at times a little too small for us. I long for a dining room, more room and a place to have friends over. I know I won't miss the winters here! Watch Tennessee get record levels of snow if we move there! I certainly am not looking forward to moving ALL THIS CRAP down there!

Another big change that this is going to bring makes me nervous and scared. Our family is going to be split up. More than likely Jeff is going to have to leave immediately. Me and the kids are going to stay here in Michigan til the end of the school year. It is only an 8 hour drive, so I see alot of weekend commuting. It makes more sense for us to stay here while he gets settled in and finds a new house. Hopefully it will make the transition for the kids a bit easier. Brianna turns 16 this year and wants to celebrate it with her friends and family. This also gives us the summer to make our move and get settled in before they start a new school year. I know at first, we will be getting together every chance we can. Living apart and having two different lives for a while will get in the way though. I'd be stupid to not expect it. I know how Jeff is when he works for someone. He gives 200% trying to prove himself. It's one of his better qualities. It also sucks because he can't just work 9-5 like a normal person. Also, the kids have things that come up on the weekends that they want to do. I know I am planning for this to be a positive thing. Hoping and praying is more like it though....

Is that enough change yet?! Well there's more.... I decided this summer to go back and get my degree. I mostly decided this to help out with the business accounting. The bitty one is going to be starting school full time next year and I can be more involved with the daily going ons of our company. This does change things a bit though, but I could either get a job or do accounting from home. I am also hoping that it will set a better example for the older two. I keep on them about their studies, now I can also show them how to study. Maybe they will see how much better things are with a college education.

I also want to make changes regarding this blog. I have gotten less interested in blogging due to certain issues. Things have come up that have made me lose interest in it. I want to start over from fresh. So, I am thinking of shutting down this blog. I am not going to delete it, just not post here any more. I started this blog to journal about this house. It's turned into more than that though and just doesn't seem to "fit" anymore. I still haven't decided this yet though. Still thinking....

Hopefully next week I will be getting "Stinky Pinky" off my foot! I am so tired of lugging around this anchor and not being able to do what I want to do. Going up and down the stairs pretty much involves me packing a bag so I don't forget anything. I am not that much of a plan ahead type of girl. My other leg has been complaining lately about doing all the work too. So here is to hoping that it does come off next week.

As for now, there is much to do. I do have an upcoming project for all you chalk paint fans that is going to blow your socks off!



TexWisGirl said...

well, i think you should wait to see if your hubby gets that job and you'll for sure be moving before you shut down this blog. i can tell you're already 'moving' a mile a minute - pink cast and all. i do hope the right changes are coming for you all, though. :)

Theresa said...

WOW! That is a lot of changes! WE did the commute thing for a while a couple of times in our married life. We used to live in iN. and Duane took a job here in MI so the kids did exactly what you are thinking and we stayed put until school was finished. Then he had an ins. agency up in Cadillac for 3 years he drove back and forth on weekends and sometimes more so that he could be here for a baseball game and such. I'm not going to tell you it will be easy... but it makes the reunion sweet :) Good luck at school! I think you are right about the example part, and they will love you for it.
Can't wait to see the chalk paint project, I'm sure if I was wearing socks, they would blow right off! Here in the fabulous mI. weather we are having I'm having a no sock day... not even a bright pink heavy one! Take care ~ t. xoxooxo

Designs By Pinky said...

OMGoodness, that is ALOT of changes! I didn't know what you wrre talking about when you mentioned "stinky pinky" but the other comment mentioed a pink cast. Hope you are healed and get it off soon! It is funny about blogging. Somedays I am so excited to blog and other days I am blank, and just not "into" it. Sometimes I feel PRESSURED to do a post and I don't want to feel like that at all. I know you will do what is best for YOU. Hoping you will continue. XO, Pinky

Proper Prim said...

Change is often so scary but when you look back it is usually for good reason. Sometimes it is just good to step out of your comfort zone and explore. I try to look at it as the next chapter to my journey.

Good for you for going back to school. What a excellent example for the kids.

I wish you luck Maggie and please don't shut down. I personally would miss your wonderful sense of humour.

Now hurry up and show us those chalk paint pieces... you are killing me. Did I ever tell you how impatient I

Praying you get that anchor off your foot soon too. Keep your chin up kiddo.

Hugs, Deb

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh my goodness certainly hnave a great deal going on in your life.....BUT, that can be really exciting. I think that change can be a really good thing ( says she who finds it hard to change anything !!!! )
We have been to Tennessee and we loved it. You obviously know it well, so that will make the transition easier. You will cope with your husband going first and getting everything settled. Our very best friends have lived with him working away from home all week and they just see each other at weekends for 25 years of marriage !! Perhaps that's the secret !! haha
I also think that it's fantastic that you are studying again. What an achievement when you finish. You should be very proud of yourself.
....... and finally, your blog. I often think that I will fold mine up. Then, I think of something else to post and off I go again !! I'm sure that you will do what is right for you but, I hope that you will continue to blog, as you were one of the first that I folllowed and I love your posts and your wonderful sense of humour.
Here's hoping that the pink plaster will be off soon and you can do all of the things that you normally do.
I wish you and your family lots of love and success with everything that happens, but I also hope that we continue to read your brilliant blog. XXXX

Lori said...

Wow Maggie ~ that is a lot of change going on at one time!! I know that leaving the farmhouse and starting anew is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. I will keep my fingers crossed that the job offer comes through but will be sad for you at the same time knowing that you will only see him on week-ends for awhile. As for the blog ~ I always said that if it becomes another thing on the to do list and it is not fun anymore then I would stop. I do not want you to stop though as I would miss you terribly!! Hugs to you my friend ~ I cannot wait to hear all about the changes as they come about. xo

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Sounds like you have a lot of exciting changes coming in the near future Maggie! I know it's a bit scary but also know you'll do well! I wish you and your family all the best, take care and we'll see you when you post:@)

Red Couch Recipes said...

Maggie -- you sure ARE going throught a lot of change. Good luck with it all. I hate the thought of moving (it's the packing). Hopefully, you will get a stipend for moving. With a postive attitude, things will be fine. I made that mistake once of not being that positive when we moved and the kids sure picked up on it. Take Care, Joni

bj said...

My goodness, Maggie...this is a LOT of changes, girl. A. LOT.
Take it slow..see what happens with the job..if you will be moving or not..take a long break from blogging if that;s what you want...and just see what's gonna happen.
Sounds like you are loaded down right now with decisions...hang loose and take it slow.:))

Jacqueline said...

Wow! My head is spinning just thinking about everything you have ahead of you. I know how hard it is having your own business in this economy. Keep us posted. My favorite thing about blogging is that you can do what you want and bloggers Are sooooooo supportive. Get that annoying but beautiful cast off soon! Our prayers are with you!

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Okay, so I jumped ahead, and now I know that your hubby got the job, and you will be moving to Nashville. Congrats and condolences. Congrats on a new house, a new venture working on your accounting degree, a new blog, a new career, and a glorious adventure. Condolences on what you are saying good-bye to, your current life at home, your current blog, your current house, and friends in Michigan.

I hope you continue to blog. I LOVE seeing what you are doing and you are SO funny. What would you blog about in a new blog? What problems did you have? Can't you just morph this blog in the direction you want to go? I know, I have so many ANNOYING, PERSONAL questions. (You can always email me if you don't want to broadcast the answers to the world.) Praying for you that you will not get stressed, but have faith that everything will be okay as you go through all of this change.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Yea! Tennessee!!!! You will love living here :) West or east, Tn. is a great state with an awesome cost of living, no state tax, low property tax etc. We were paying almost ten grand a year in property tax in south Florida! We pay just over $700.00 a year on 150 acres here in east Tn! Yeah, I know :) Congtrats to you and the family! I am happy for all of you!
I wouldn't shut the blog down. Keep it. Maybe just re-name (with the same url) and totally change the looks of it and direction you want it to head. That way you don't lose followers and the content is still there for those who want to read the start of it. JMO :)
Keep us posted! Maybe I will get to meet you in real life someday when you come over to the mountains!
xo, misha