Monday, July 25, 2011

Live Strong

Wow! It seems that things have gotten carried away here. I can't believe where the time has gone. The hubby was away all last week in Texas so I was head warden of the funny farm. I was so glad when he got back, cause they were about to drive me totally freaking nuts! I was also planning our vacation to Florida next week. I am so ready to go!

The vacation lead to the "I have nothing to wear!" syndrome, which was closely followed by the "I am too fat for anything in this store" malady. Why does the rest of the world have to be a 20 year old size 3? It's just not fair! I totally blame those urchins though. I was a size 3 when my 15 year old was born. I was in such good shape that I pushed her out in 4 pushes. The doctor even told me not to push so hard. Yeah, ok.... that was like stopping peeing in midstream. Now fast forward to when the 4 year old was born. I was so out of shape the doctor had to get out the ice pick grabber thingies and snatch her by the head and pull her out.

Then, to top it off, my sister came over. Ya'll probably don't know what a bad influence she is on me. We were deciding what to do. Simple huh? Not with us. I told her that I wanted to go and get my haircut. She did too, so we went to my hairdresser who ROCKS A HAIRCUT! She is the first woman who has cut my hair that I have walked out and not burst out crying cause I look like a fat bull dyke. My hair is so stinking cute! My sister's was just as adorable, but mine is a smidge better. Not cause I am prejudiced or anything. I know your next question, you want to see it huh? Well, you gotta wait til I can take a decent picture. Probably in the year 2024.

So....after our cutesy haircuts, we walked out like we were the hottest things to EVER walk the face of the earth! So we went and got the unibrows waxed, got some new spiffy clothes and makeup! A total girly day! It was so much fun! It's amazing what a great haircut can do for you. No, I still don't have a pic! Stop asking!

That lead to the next phase. Me and her teaming up and losing weight/getting in shape! Ugh.... I hate this part. I mean the haircut does draw attention from the 8 chins I got going on. No, still no pic....

Which leads me to This site is freaking amazing! I keep it up on my puter all day! It's part of the Lance Armstrong Foundation and totally free. Free is always good! What it does is track what you eat and the excercise you do. Everything you do burns calories. You may not realize all the calories you burn throughout the day. When you register, you punch in your weight and level of activity. It spits out a calorie intake for you to lose weight for the day. All throughout the day you punch in what you eat and what you do. Do you know riding around on a lawn mower burns 196 calories an hour?! Guess who did just that all day yesterday? My lawn looks awesome and I felt great.

Also, this has helped me to make better choices of what I put in my mouth. Being aware of the amount of calories, I grabbed a piece of celery with peanut butter for a snack instead of the bag of doritos. Sorry taco flavored doritos, I still love ya! I made the 0 point cabbage soup, which is only 21 calories a bowl and have eaten that for lunch the last few days. Lots of fiber in that too! I have found that I plan meals for the family, but also make more healthier choices about them.

And, as if it couldn't get any better, you can also track how much water you drink! I am starting to find all the benefits of drinking that tasteless crap now. It's amazing! My skin looks better, my digestion is better and I have more energy. Who woulda thunk it! I would definitely recommend for anyone trying to lose weight, wether it is a little or alot.

Now, you have to excuse me. I have a house to clean. Do you know how many calories you burn cleaning house?! I will probably have the cleanest house in Hartland in no time!


TexWisGirl said...

you go, girl! :)

TexWisGirl said...

and i agree - there's no hiding with short hair!

Barbara F. said...

Maggie, you are hilarious. Loved this post and I am going to check out that site. Can you imagine how many calories were burned when you were doing all that yard work a few weeks back? xo,

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I love your stories! I was totally sucked in! Hurray for a cutsie hair cut! You can e-mail me the pix... I won't show anyone! Promise!!!!
Thanks for the heads up about living strong. I know my menu doesn't show it, but I AM watching what I eat, and I have joined the YMCA and am swimming. So now I'm off to check out the site.
Lots of love and laughter!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Good for you Maggie! It's nice that your sister is joining with you, a buddy always helps! I always thought simply writing down what I actually eat/drink each day would be a wake up call. I know looking forward to vaca is exciting-have fun:@)

Lori said...

I sit here smiling once again as you always put one on my face! I will say "you go girl". As you know I fell off the wagon and it ran over me. I tend to have a harder time in the summer with blender drinks, bbq, pasta salad and alas ice cream ~ one of my biggest vices. I applaud you and cannot wait to here more stories. xo

Theresa said...

soooooo I just finished off a bowl of blue moon ice cream and THEN you tell me about this fabulous livestrong site! I gotta hop on over there and see what I can do to get rid of the guilt from eating the blue moon. I was brave enough to put 2 pics of me up today... how bout just 1 of you? hmmmmmm? t. xoxoxo

Jacqueline said...

Wow Maggie,
I think that you are really in the Zone !!
Fabulous haircuts, make over's and new are really going the whole hog and good on you. You will be back to your pre 15 year old before you know it.
....and, I am so envious that you are off to Florida. Sun, sea, beach and brilliant rides !! I hope that you are going to all of the attractions. We haven't been for a few years and a want a blow by blow account of all the new rides. I LOVE them !! XXXX

bj said... are, without a doubt, the CA UTEST
thing. I just love coming over here...and laughing.
Now, excuse me ...I am on my way for some celery and peanut favorite go-to snack.
I WANNA SEE THAT STINKIN' CUTE HAIRCUT...I need one and I dang sure want it STINKIN' CUTE. I NEED Stinkin' cute....BAD.

Beth said...

What a fun post, Maggie, and I want to see your haircut!!! Hey, you are the one who brought it up, after all...
Have a good wknd and a GREAT vacation!