Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Inner Workings of A Certified Lunatic

We are off like a herd of turtles on the Mahstah Bedroom. ( That was my snobby voice in case you didn't recognize it) More like a herd of turtles that had their way blocked by 2 weeks worth of laundry!

Yes, the laundry is piling up.

So inbetween loads I got to work some on the bedroom. I did get the 2 dressers and nightstands weeded out. It is sad when you are holding onto clothes in the hopes that they will one day fit only to give them to your 13 year old. Yeah, they fit her! Hopefully tonight I will tackle my husband's closet.

I did solve a problem though!

I have my antique sleigh bed that I LOVE! I like the look of just the headboard. It makes the bench at the end of the bed much more noticeable. I didn't want to stash the footboard of the bed in the snake den of despair (basement) either. Well today I figured out a place and something to do with it. You have to wait to find out though!

It does have something to do with this crazy butterfly.

Trying to talk someone into going up north this weekend so he can bring back my dresser. Then I can move around some furniture. I found a dog bed. I haven't ventured out to find a dresser though. I do have 2 bags of clothes to drop off at the Salvation Army sometime. I also need to get the fabric to make the bedding junk too.

If only it wasn't butt nugget cold....

Seems someone thinks they are cute messing with my stocking holders. Yes, it does spell out "PEE".


pk @ Room Remix said...

Looking forward to seeing the transformations and, yes, someone is pretty cute with the stocking holder "transformation". :-) Happy 2010! Hope you're having a good year so far.

Beth said...

LOL @ the stocking holders and "butt nugget cold"! I think it's cold everywhere. We are supposed to get snow Thursday!

Lori said...

Well you can't leave us hanging there girl ~ show me, show me!!!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Maggie, The herd of turtles are alive and well and visiting StoneGable! I am so overwhelmed with things to do and organize that I am a bit scattered and very slow.

I love your little 3 year old butterfly!I would never get anything done with that cutie around, I would just want to play!

Pictues please of the bedroom and what will happen to your footboard!

thepurplerose said...

Well you might want to think about some bug spray and yes----those letters are a lot of fund to play with!!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Ha! The PEE stocking holders made me laugh. Isn't it great to have a family with a good sense of humor? :)

Jen R. said...

Haha.. love the stocking holders! I hope you can sneak away and come! I am not sure how far you are , but keep me posted! Jen

DustyLu said...

That is so funny thanks for the laughs. What did you do with the foot board? Waiting...lulu