Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dressed Up

Well since I could come up with nothing inventive to do with ketchup, garlic and cream cheese, I went to the grocery store last night. I came downstairs and announced this to the tribe. My husband commented that he was glad I was starting to feel better since I "got dressed up". Well I guess after sitting/laying around in my sweats all week that putting on real clothes, jeans and a tee shirt, and brushing my hair could be construed as "dressed up".

So off I jumped into the grocery fetcher to the store. Maybe getting "dressed up" was making me feel better, maybe a little. Maybe it was just the miraculous event of going to the store without the urchins in tow. Who knows?! I was feeling festive! So festive that I even stopped at the coffee spot to get a cup to sip through the aisles. Obviously I thought that I had been transported to Mr Rogers neighborhood grocery store. The squeaky voiced kid asked if I wanted a "Pumpkin Pie Latte". Why will I think I am in a little french bistro sipping latte and eating pumpkin pie instead of being at Meijer's with 50,385 other people? Just a coffee, cream and sugar. Then he starts to list off all the blends there is to choose from. I JUST WANT A FREAKING COFFEE!

It was soooo nice to cruise through the grocery store without kids. I didn't have to buy 3 lbs of apples cause Syrina decided to "sample". I didn't have the boy trying to sneak junk food into my cart. I didn't have the girl texting EVERYONE on my phone. This is heaven.

Nirvana can be dangerous though. I start thinking that I will be the good mom and make fresh cookies for my kids. Plan flamboyant meals to impress the tribe. Crazy ideas like that. I even contemplated making my own pie crusts. Pfffft! Just stick to the list. Yes, I even made a list. Left the coupons in the cupboards but I remembered the list.

Then I saw him.....

The poor guy with two brats in tow. His wife's list in his hand just trying to keep his sanity and get through there as fast as he could. I found him in the soup aisle. "Kyle" wanted spaghettios. Dad told him no. Kyle insisted. Dad kept being patient but firm. Kyle argued. Dad got frustrated. It's not on the list and your mom will be mad at me. Kyle threw a fit. Dad begged for him to be good. I felt bad for him.

Then his cell phone rang.

Mom was calling to see "how things are going". Pffft, she knows how things are going that is why she sent him up with those two. He tells her the problem he is having. Some people don't realize that you can hear them on the other end when they yell. Especially if the recipient has to hold the phone away from their ear to keep blood from gushing out of their ear drums. So after his tongue lashing from her and alot of "yes dears" he hangs up. Kyle hasn't given up though. They are two aisles away from the freaking spaghettios!

I can feel for this guy. Most people are looking at him like he is a horrible person for not buying the kid some spaghettios. I can relate though. I got a "Kyle" at home. He is like a dog with a bone. He will not give it up for anything. I just want to snatch the kid and tell him to get his scrawny 5 year old buttocks on the side of the cart like his Dad told him and SHUT UP! I mean he has enough problems cause the baby in the front of the cart just threw up.

The best part of the whole trip? Coming home to find that Dad has convinced the kids to eat the Mac & Chez in the cupboard. You know, the boxes that they would not eat for me cause they don't like it? Yeah those.

Oh well, back to the couch....


Dragonfly Treasure said...

Mine are all grown up, but boy, do I rememeber those days!! They are lucky to have lived long enough to grow up!

blushing rose said...

Obviously, you didn't get enough HO-HOs on Black Friday, girl friend!

ROFLOL! You are a scream!

Have NOT gone thru that, TG! My kids new they didn't dare let go of the cart, period! They knew that what was on the LIST was on the LIST, period! which was prepared before we left. Even our gr-kid-ling know better than to diviate from these rules. Sure makes my shopping a lot easier ... in & out! no stress ...

I know what you men, tho, about these kids that terrorize their parents ... you do want to say something.

Have a great weekend ... hope you are feeling a lot better. Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

Beth said...

I'm glad to hear getting dressed, a coffee, and a trip to the grocery store w/out kiddos has you in a better mood! I have found myself being sucked back into the big black hole of depression - wanting to lay around in my pj's, eating junk food, staying up too late, having my own little pity party. By the way, the snow has already melted :(

Lori said...

Sometimes just making the effort to get dressed helps you feel better! Glad you were entertained at the grocery store ~ cute story.

KMfamily ;-) said...

I think we all have a "Kyle" @ home.
Mine is always testing me - especialy in the grocery store.
Poor guy - bet he will never do that again.

at least you were on the other side of the fence that time. - hope that coffee was good.

Jacqueline said...

Hi there Maggie,
I'm so pleased to hear that you are feeling a little better and that your sense of humour is alive and kicking.
I feel so sorry for the man in the supermarket. My children are grown up now but i've been there and if you tell them off you get people glaring at you and if you don't your a bad parent so you can't win !! I do sometimes feel sorry for little children, as shopping can be so boring and they are so low down and get bags in their faces and can't see much. Well, at least you had a lovely time on your own for a change. XXXX

Cathy Miller said...

Girl, I have my own "Kyle", so I can relate to this poor man's misery. That's why I buy groceries solo, even if I have to do it at midnight after they are asleep! Glad you're feeling better.