Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mill Creek

Today we went to a very interesting place.

Mill Creek.

This mill used to supply all the lumber for building the fort and most of the houses on Mackinac Island.

The mill was actually torn down.  Through records, they found where it was and from digs have uncovered and rebuilt the buildings that were on the farm.  Besides milling lumber, they also supplied meat and grains.

This is Beaver Bob who runs the mill demonstrations.  He entertained us with his flute playing before the demonstration began.

Let the show begin!

First he showed how lumber would have been milled by hand.  This was the slow way to make beams and boards.

They also used hatchets to make beams if there was only one person working.

A short walk over to the mill and he demonstrated how they used water to run the mill and make boards and beams.  With the mill, they could produce 120 boards a day.

Here are the turbines being run by the water from the dam to run the mill.  Pretty genious idea.  It is a really pretty park.

My little woodchuck tribe went on an adventure walk that involved a very scary bridge and ending with a zipline.

I volunteered to take pics of them.

Tonight is our last night in the Lower Peninsula.  Tomorrow we will be travelling across the Mackinac Bridge to the Upper.

I am dreading every 5 miles across the bridge.

I HATE bridges!