Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Inspiration Party!

Can you believe it is almost September?! The stores are already pushing Halloween AND Christmas! Ugh!

My inspiration this month is someone who is often taken for granted. Let me tell you her story.

I first met her 47 years ago. She was unemployed and just showed up to live at our house! Can you believe it? Well, I tried it out for a week and decided she had to go! All my mom did was wait hand and foot on HER! She fed her, clothed her, even bathed her in MY sink! The nerve! I found out that the mailman was the culprit who brought her here. I put her on the porch in a laundry basket of clothes that my mom was folding for him to take her back. Unfortunately, my mom found out and immediately brought her back in and announced I was NOT TO DO THAT AGAIN!


I was expected to share everything with her. My toys, my room, my mom's attention. After a few years she settled in and realized that I was top dog though. She was fun to play with. We spent alot of time getting to know each other over tea parties when our dolls were sleeping. We grocery shopped together in my mom's pantry in the basement. We rode bikes through our town drawn out on the driveway. We even built a house together out of a refrigerator box in the backyard.

When I was about 16, she turned into the creepy one that I was stuck with again. Her friends were nerds, mine were cool. She didn't get into trouble, I stayed in trouble. She got good grades, I didn't "apply" myself. She wore a bra, I didn't just to drive my dad crazy. She was stable, I was a wild child also pushing my dad's buttons when ever I got the chance.

It wasn't until a tragedy struck that I realized what my role as big sister really was. My mom commited suicide when I was 22. I was stationed in Georgia in the army. She was still at home. I remember calling that night. It was soon after it had happened. I don't know why, but I felt that I had to call home. My sister answered hysterical, said she couldn't talk and hung up. I knew something was wrong and called my mom's best friend who went to the house. It still hurts to think about that night. I have to say that was the worst night of my life. I was in the hospital at the time. I had pnuemonia. The next day I checked myself out of the hospital and went home.

I landed in Detroit and there was the shattered remains of my family. My sister grabbed me first, crying and asked me "what are we going to do now?" My dad was just crumpled. He couldn't talk, just look at me with tears in his eyes. We got through it together, side by side and have stayed that way since.

She is still the good one and I am still the wild child. We have been there for each other. I was a bridesmaid when she walked down the aisle. We have been there for each other when our children were born. She is my best friend. I can tell her anything. She knows my deepest darkest secrets and keeps them safe for me. We have shared our lives with each other and I couldn't think of a better person to do that with. We have grown close through the years and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

My inspiration this month is my sister Loretta. She is an inspiration to me all the time though. She is beautiful, funny and loving. I am so proud of her. She is raising her son on her own, working a full time job and finishing up her Master's degree from U of M. She is untiring and ambitious. I wish all the best for her!

Now it is time for ya'll to post your inspirations!

You know the deal!

I can't wait to see who inspires you!


TexWisGirl said...

oh, maggie. i am so sorry to learn of your mother's decision to leave this earth the way she did - and with your younger sister at home. i cannot imagine EVER leaving children like that. my husband's friend left his 9 yr old daughter and wife that way and 2 yrs later, i still get so angry with him for his selfishness.

i am glad that little pest of a sis has turned out to be the best friend in the world to you. :)

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Truly touching Maggie! I'm so glad you have such a close friend in your sister Loretta, it's worth all the gold in the world-enjoy that bond:@)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Maggie,
What a bittersweet time you had. To loose your mum at such a young age is bad enough let alone to have her take her own life. I cannot imagine what you, your sister, your dad and friends and family must have gone through. It is such an event like that that brings people even closer together and, it's so lovely that you have both got each other, which is the good part to have come out of such a dark and sad place.
I admire you all for your courage and your strength and, I thank you for sharing such a personal story with us. Lots of love to all of you. XXXX

thepurplerose said...



bj said...

Bless your heart, sweet Maggie. You and your sis are both so blessed to have each other.

I am sooooooooo sorry that I almost forgot the inspiration party. I am linking with a post from the past of the 2 men that were and are inspirations to me. Hope it's ok to use reruns.:)

bj said...

Well, I am having trouble linking...first it didn't go thru..but now, there's 2. Oh, dear..could you delete one? Thanks...

LV said...

A very inspiring and loving tribute to your sister. I think it is wonderful when you have that sisterly bond. I have two sisters. We are close and enjoy each other when we can.

Beth said...

Maggie, I am so sorry for what you went through when your mom passed away. I cannot imagine the pain...I have lost a parent, but some circumstances are more difficult to cope with than others. I am glad you and Loretta are there for each other.
Blessings, Beth

Lynne said...

Serendipity . . . by happenstance I clicked on YOU today.
and I learned about you
about devatting loss

and I might have just found
who inspires me today
thank you for your beautiful sharing . . .

bj said...

Hi, Maggie, I'm sorry the inspiration party didn't happen..I think just not enuf advertising, maybe. Hope you will try it again.

I haven't decided yet on the picture for the canvas I won from you. Getting it narrowed down, tho. :)
xo bj

Anonymous said...


I am sitting here with a lump in my throat, holding back tears. I am sorry for your loss so many years ago. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your sister. You are blessed to have each other.

Your Friend,

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Maggie, This is such a touching and inspiring post!I am so sorry that the loss of your mother still causes you so much pain~ my heart is so sad!!!!
The relationship and admiration you have for your sister is so beautiful and I am sure helps to fill some of the empty spots in your heart with love and joy! She looks like you, only blonde!
Thanks for your inspiring story, my friend!
xo Yvonne

bj said...

Just coming by to check on ya and say hi...:)

Theresa said...

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo t.