Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back To School!

Yesterday was the first day of school, THANK GAWD! The day started at 5:30 AM! I can't believe that people do this on a regular basis. I can't remember when I did this on a regular basis! Oh wait, last year.... I am not a morning person. I need to get up atleast a half hour before the tribe. They ARE morning people. Morning people who like to talk. ALOT. Everything was going great. Everyone was getting along, laughing, joking, until it came time to leave. Bitty One threw herself down on the floor in front of the back door and screamed and cried "IT'S NOT FAIR!" Unfortunately, her school doesn't start til next week.

Trust me honey, if I could send ya early, I would!

After an hour of this, I felt like joining her! Thankfully my MIL surprised me by taking Bitty to visit great grandma. PHEEEW! Bitty even gave me permission to watch something else besides Mickey Mouse Playhouse. Is she a peach or what?! Guess who didn't change the channel til an hour after she was gone?

The first day was a good one though for the big ones. They love it, but give them a few weeks and they will be back to normal and hating it. Especially the boy child. That is a feat in itself!

The good news is that I didn't get swallowed up by cleaning the kids rooms. You know, the rooms that I told them at the beginning of summer that we weren't doing ANYTHING til they were clean?! Yeah, those rooms. My washer and dryer has run nonstop all weekend long! Of course, I made them take everything out of the drawers and wash it.

They were talking about how nice it is to have a clean room. I was glad they appreciated it, but I had to burst their bubbles and tell them they are far from clean!

They are just kinda organized. I still have the closets to clean out, hang up clothes, mop floors, paint (LOTS of paint!) and some ways to organize the mounds of crap that they accumulate. I threw out 7 garbage bags of broken stuff, plain old garbage and too small clothes already. Yes, I am a proud mama!

I am going to start a series for Mondays. From The Top Down. Next week starts week one. It's going to be about cleaning, organizing and decorating this house from the top down. I am just sick of all the clutter that has accumulated and continues to grow around here. Mom is on the rampage! Watch out!

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments. It does help to go through the unthinkable having my sister with me!

I will be posting some recipes that I promised last week at the end of this week. Pinky promise!

Until then....

See Ya!


TexWisGirl said...

even for the early morning rising, it's got to feel good to have the kids off to school again. :) cleaning and organizing. yuck!

KM @ This Plate is Full said...

awww.. i love when grandmas come to the rescue!!

I don't like clutter either. Somehow it makes things hectic.
Can't wait for your new monday posts!!

Theresa said...

I am at the moment cleaning my bedroom, listening to Pandora on the computer to get me through the frustration of being up here too long and checking in on the dashboard every so often when pandora isn't enough! Yesterday went off without a hitch, but this morning Max remembered that he really doesn't like waking up early and well school is right behind that. On a scale og 1-10 our morning was a miserable 3. Hannah forgot her lunch, and well, I'm cleaning. So you see my friend, why I need to read your posts on a regular basis... you always bring a smile to my face. thanks!
Can't wait to see from the top down make its appearance, I could sure use it!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Maggie,
I love your photographs.....children's bedrooms are the same all over the world, aren't they ?!!
....and, isn't it lovely when the long summer holidays are over and they go back to school ? I loved my children to infinity but, when September came, boy was I glad !!!! At least I had a tidy house for about 6 hours !! haha. XXXX

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Woo Hoo-you made it through summer! Glad your MIL stopped by creating a nice diversion! Go easy on the cleaning, I hear you can hurt yourself:@)

Red Couch Recipes said...

We are all having a hard time waking up early and getting to bed yearly -- yeah, like that every happens! I rmember how hard it was when the older start earlier and the littles are upset they can't go to. Of course the olders would be happy to start later. I have a ton of dejunking to do too...will it happen? Joni

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

You made me laugh, Maggie!!! Thanks!
xo, misha

Jacqueline said...

It is such an adjustment. I can't get going very well either. Our house is always disorganized by the end of summer - everything needs to be gone through. I feel your pain.