Saturday, March 5, 2016

WTH is a spandrel?!

Spandrel?!  What's that?!

It is not to be confused with that god awful contraption invented by, more than likely, some out of shape man to make women look curvy that is a real  *&%$# to get off when you REALLY have to pee.

If it sounds like I own one of said torture contraptions, it's cause I do.

'nuff said....

A spandrel is apiece of fretwork that you usually find in the opening on a porch.  There are all kinds of spandrels.  I was told, not by Google, that it was used on Victorian porches to keep birds from flying under the porch roofs.


I think I need some of THOSE!!

Did I mention if you are painting them more than one color, they are a real pain in the buttocks?  Yeah, they are.  I would suggest painting them before they are installed and then doing any little touch ups after.  Of course, we also had to have brackets to seem like they are holding them up too.  Now this is my kind of gingerbreading!  No calories on the hips here!

Love! the way the morning sun shines through the spandrels and brackets!

If you need me, I'll be sipping coffee on the porch.


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Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Wow, I learned a new term, spandrels....LOL The porch is looking fantastic. Good luck on the painting. Thanks for sharing at DI&DI.

Eilis said...

Your spandrels look great! You deserve a long coffee break while you admire the finished project. said...

Never heard of a spandrel, but I'm quite sure they are a headache to paint! Good luck!

Minnie's Milestones said...

Great to know, as I love Victorian homes.

the old white house said...

ohhhh, I love them! Especially with the sun shining through them... they are gorgeous! Good Luck on remodeling your home, I look forward to seeing all of your new beautiful projects! t.xoxo