Monday, March 7, 2016

Take a deep breath....and JUMP!

The porch is pretty much done for now with the snow.  There are a few more things to do and then the pretty stuff can start!

Now....onto the next project!

This next part is HUGE!  I am so excited for it and I think my old girl is ready too.  It is far past time.  She is a beauty and it is about time that everyone knows just how beautiful.

This project is going to be hard.  We are planning on renovating the entire house while we are living in it.  Can you say excited and scared at the same time?!  I'm worried that we are taking on too much, but thankfully my husband is a licensed contractor and knows what he is doing.  We have been doing, redoing and redoing the plans and finally have come to a great floor plan!  With this project comes rules though.

Rule 1 - ONE ROOM AT A TIME.  This is the big rule.  I don't want to have the entire house torn apart and a mess.  I mean, we do have to live here after all.

Rule 2 - NO MOVING ONTO THE NEXT ROOM TIL THE PREVIOUS ONE IS COMPLETE!  By complete, it means livable.  Not necessarily totally decorated complete.  It needs to be able to be used for the intended purpose.  Make sense?!

Now.... where to start.... 

The farmhouse has only one bathroom now.  It's on the main floor at the back of the foyer.  Since we are going to be using the foyer for more useful means, the bathroom is going to have to go.  First though, we need a new bathroom before we rip out the old one.

NOOOOO!  I worked so hard on making the bathroom beautiful!

Atleast I will have a bit of time to say good bye to her.  Where will this new bathroom go?!

So this end of the kitchen needs to be cleaned out so the cabinets and appliances can be moved.  Since the new bathroom is only going to be a half bath, there is going to be a temporary shower outside of it.  When the full bath upstairs is done, the shower will be pulled and replaced with a stackable washer/dryer.

I better get a move on.  I need to move all this stuff and set up a temporary kitchen til the new one is finished.

Oy vey....

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Linda @ Life and Linda said...

You have your work cut out. We re-did our kitchen twice....LOL A temporary kitchen is a must to survive. Good luck. I can't wait to see the outcome.