Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Finding My Style

So I have been given the keys to the checkbook by the hubs.  Anything that I get rid of I can replace.


I've been thinking alot of how I want to decorate when the walls are up.  Talk about giving yourself a headache!

I think I want to keep all the high dollar pain in the ass to replace items neutral.  I would like to be able to change out colors, especially for the seasons.  I also want to keep things kinda rustic.  I really like the idea of bringing a Celtic feel to the house too.  Everyone is in this french style, which is pretty, but EVERYONE has it.  I want something different.  I love the muted colors of Ireland too.  I am not really a pastel kind of girl.

I like to decorate with pictures of my family and artwork made by the kids.  These things I love to see.  It makes me feel good looking at them.

So I have come up with an idea I want to incorporate in every room.  In every room, I want to put something old, something new, something made just for you.  I also want lots of plants, even though I suck at gardening.  Really suck.  I guess I should take some gardening lessons.

I want to take everything and just toss it out the window.  Start from scratch.  Do what I like and use what I want.

What's your decorating style?

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