Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Old Girl

Remember this girl?

I love my girl!  I remember the first time that I saw her.  She was a beauty!  She still is.

We don't really know how old our girl is.  On the books, she is listed as a 1890 farmhouse.  That was the year that the one story part of the house was added though.  Feeling adventurous, I went to the county and looked at plat maps.  There is a house and barns on our property  shown on the 1858  maps.  So like a true woman, we are not sure of her real age.  Crafty ole bird!

Our girl was starting to show her age though.  The roof was starting to wear.  The last winter had taken quite the toll on her and shingles were starting to blow off.


I am a very lucky girl and married to a very handsome and talented contractor!

There he is!  My very own fiddler on the roof!  He's probably thinking what the heck did she talk me into now?!

You see.... it's not a simple but down a new layer of shingles.  Oh no....  The roof already had 3 layers on so we had to strip off the old shingles to put down new ones.  Code in Michigan is no more than 3 layers.  But look at what we found!

The original cedar shake roof!

Be still my heart!

We considered repairing the cedar shakes and keeping the original roof.  Big problem was having 3 layers of shingles nailed through made for lots of nail holes.  The above pic is actually after we painted it with Deck Restore.  Did not fill the holes....damn....  

Goodbye beautiful old cedar shake!  I loved you dearly for the short time that you were showing!
Okay, the bad news was I lost my cedar shake roof.  The good news is.....

....I guess you have to come back to see what it is....



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Maggie .... I LOVE your house. It has so much character and beautiful features. Your other half is an angel .... it must be so good to have him looking after your home. Our house was built in 1895 and the old roof needed replacing. I was loath to do it as I hate removing anything original but, it looks amazing. I look forward to seeing the results of your labours !!. XXXX

TexWisGirl said...

congrats on a new roof, even if you lost the sweet old shakes. :)

i fully understand taking a break from blogging. i can't keep up these days, even after paring WAY down from prior years. it is too much some days.